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Students running businesses they love due to BNB Mastery Program


“There’s also so much content that’s extremely helpful – like the photography swipe file – but in many other programs might be considered above-and-beyond and wouldn’t be included in the content. I really appreciate the high level of VALUE inherent to the program.” 

– Ashley, Texas

“We signed our 6th property, with 10+ prospects in the pipe and to think, it’s only been 4 months. We are beyond thankful and excited!” 

– Reinaldo & Vanessa, New York

“It’s a fantastic program! It was very high level and also intricate. I loved how it went over big life principles as well as crucial details of the business. Thank you!” 

– Drew, Utah

“Jami and I scored our 5th and possibly 6th property today! All you new folks, keep on pushing cause the system does work!” 

– Krissy and Jami, North Carolina

“The program gave me all the tools I needed to go out and obtain clients. I love everything about the program.” 

– Anthony, New Jersey

“Just signed my first property last night! It’s a 5,500 sq. ft. home that sleeps 20!” 

– Brandon, Utah

“The information was more thorough and helpful than I expected. The content answered most of my questions and any remaining ones I’ve posted in the Facebook group!” 

– Stefan, Ontario

“I like the phone calls with James. His personality, knowledge, and patience are great!” 

– Marla, Virginia

“I love this group and have so much appreciation and admiration for it. I graciously thank James, God, and the Universe for definitely connecting us all for this opportunity. It has changed my life for the better and is continuing to! I currently manage 10 properties, and in contract with adding 4 others on!” 

– Alexis, Florida

“Great overall strategy. Great content. Coaching calls are VERY helpful to clarify what is presented in course videos.” 

– Robert, Michigan

“The content and resources provided are great. I enjoyed the breakup of material, the duration of each module seemed just right. Not too long or too short.” 

– Frank, Hawaii

These are real success stories and reviews from our students, however you should not expect the same results. Building a business requires hard work, commitment, and time. There is no guarantee that you will be successful or make money as a result of our training. Your results are dependent on you and your inputs.

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