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Before joining the BNB Mastery Program, I struggled to understand how property management worked and what it entailed. I knew I always wanted to get into the real estate space but didn’t have the cash to invest. Discovering this program was the ultimate game changer. It simplified everything, and I learnt the exact skills required to make money managing other people’s properties. It saved me time and effort, and I am glad I enrolled. Thanks to this program, I’m super excited to start my business and feel confident that I can grow a profitable business.”

– Jennifer, England

“My experience with this program gets me excited to pursue something I’ve done and am dying to start doing again. I have seen so many ways I can improve the second time around and also help others to make income with their properties. The part that excites me the most is the numbers on the profit projection tool. I got so excited reviewing that sheet, I stayed up all night trying different scenarios. I will be making a full launch in April but I’ve been talking to my warm market and getting positive responses so far. I can’t wait to begin.”

– Jennifer, Los Angeles

“There’s also so much content that’s extremely helpful – like the photography swipe file – but in many other programs might be considered above-and-beyond and wouldn’t be included in the content. I really appreciate the high level of VALUE inherent to the program.”

– Ashley, Texas

“We signed our 6th property, with 10+ prospects in the pipe and to think, it’s only been 4 months. We are beyond thankful and excited!”

– Reinaldo & Vanessa, New York

“It’s a fantastic program! It was very high level and also intricate. I loved how it went over big life principles as well as crucial details of the business. Thank you!”

– Drew, Utah

“Jami and I scored our 5th and possibly 6th property today! All you new folks, keep on pushing cause the system does work!”

– Krissy and Jami, North Carolina

“The program gave me all the tools I needed to go out and obtain clients. I love everything about the program.”

– Anthony, New Jersey

“Just signed my first property last night! It’s a 5,500 sq. ft. home that sleeps 20!”

– Brandon, Utah

“The information was more thorough and helpful than I expected. The content answered most of my questions and any remaining ones I’ve posted in the Facebook group!”

– Stefan, Ontario

“I like the phone calls with James. His personality, knowledge, and patience are great!”

– Marla, Virginia

“I love this group and have so much appreciation and admiration for it. I graciously thank James, God, and the Universe for definitely connecting us all for this opportunity. It has changed my life for the better and is continuing to! I currently manage 10 properties, and in contract with adding 4 others on!”

– Alexis, Florida

“Great overall strategy. Great content. Coaching calls are VERY helpful to clarify what is presented in course videos.”

– Robert, Michigan

“The content and resources provided are great. I enjoyed the breakup of material, the duration of each module seemed just right. Not too long or too short.”

– Frank, Hawaii

“BNB Mastery Program not only contains invaluable tools and content relating to short-term rental management, but it also covers important personal development and sales principles. Had I not taken the course, it probably would’ve taken me years to compile and master this information. I’m looking forward to applying the everything I’ve learned in the program to my business.”

– Carmen, Georgia

“I have enjoyed how thorough and well put together the course is. However the absolute best part of the course is the weekly Q&A calls… these are essential for pulling it all together. I just finished week 6 and have not begun prospecting for clients yet. I am the type that wants all the information beginning to end before I go to market with it. I’ve always believed that fast execution is preceded by exceptional planning. I’ve carefully organized myself and all the worksheets and files along the course and I’m ready to execute. Thanks for a quality course!”

-Dan, Texas

“James is an excellent teacher. He really gives you everything you need to be successful in this business. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still going to be hard work on your part, but imagine having someone nearby to answer literally any question you might have along the way. From setting up the structure of your business, to going into your first meeting with a potential client, to growing your team, it’s all here. The support and encouragement of this group is amazing. I’m so happy to be part of this community. That alone is worth the money! I’ve only been enrolled in the course for about a month now but I’m starting to reach out to potential clients and have everything in place to start managing! Thank you James :)”

-Lindsay, British Columbia

“For anyone who is looking for a proven tested way to break free of your corporate shackles, this program (BNB Mastery) is for YOU!! No matter how risk adverse you are, this program will help you change your mindset and learn new ways to make an income while adding time and money to your life. We are so grateful we found this program!!”

-Kimberly, Ontario

“This program (BNB Mastery) pays for itself, for a systematic thinker like myself, it has provided all the guidance and systems necessary for me to get my business off the ground in a fraction of the time that it wouldve taken me if I had to create all these systems myself. We’ve just gotten our first client under management and are on track to pay off our course fee within our first month of management fees.”

-Daniel, British Columbia

“Joining BNB Mastery Program I was sceptical on the process, as many would be. In this day and age there are many programs that don’t offer the support, guidance, and content you need for true success. After starting the program, working through the weeks, joining the Facebook community, and of course consulting with James, I can definitely say I am on the right path.”

-Tal, Ontario

Looking forward to what the future has to come with all the knowledge and tools I have received from the program!

“I’m extremely happy with James’ course. Every course I *paid* for or looked online researching required you to put down a minimum of $1000-$2000/property to get started. This required none AND the weekly, live Q&A is not crowded with hundreds of students so you actually get your questions answered. Highly recommend.”

-Daniel, Riverside, California

“Starting the BNB Mastery Program was exactly what I needed to get involved with short term rentals. The material is outlined in an organized matter and includes EVERYTHING you need to get started. From fillable templates to quick reference cheat sheets complete with links it makes it so easy to learn and stay on top of getting set up to run your own business. There is so much support along the way to. If you follow the program and apply yourself you can not fail.”

-Elissa Zavora, Paso Roboles, California

“Once I decided I wanted to start a Vacation Rental Management business, I knew I needed tools and coaching to get it off the ground. What I didn’t realize was how much this program would give me every single tool and an exact roadmap to accelerate the process and shave years of costly mistakes off my journey. It would have taken me at least a year if not more to learn all of this on my own, and I probably still wouldn’t have had the confidence that I’m doing it right. It’s a no brainer. My first deal will more than pay for it. And James is incredibly supportive and active in answering every question I have. I cannot recommend BNB Mastery enough!!”

– Heather Beerman, North Carolina

 “This course has shown me a new business model that is sustainable and expandable. The attention to detail shows massive planning has been used to implement the tools developed. I encourage anyone wanting to look into Air BnB as a viable business to consider doing this course.”

– John, Ontario

These are real success stories and reviews from our students, however you should not expect the same results. Building a business requires hard work, commitment, and time. There is no guarantee that you will be successful or make money as a result of our training. Your results are dependent on you and your inputs.

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