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Building an Off-Grid Tiny Home for Airbnb

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You might remember the 99 acre property we purchased last year. In previous videos (you can hunt for them on my channel) I outlined the plans for this property. Well, it’s time!


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Imagine you were hunting for your next investment short term rental property.

You find a property that costs $500,000. When you go analyze the property, you see it brings in $500,000 per year in revenue. 

Pay once and it returns that amount every single year after that?

That’s what you can get with a lot of tiny homes out there. Tiny homes are like yurts or A-frames or, in our case, geodesic domes.

In today’s video I share some simple facts for these simple stays.

First, I outline what geodesic domes are. I share roughly how much they cost to install and how that compares to other tiny homes you can build. 

Next, we go over how much a geodesic dome can make on Airbnb. Of course like a lot of real estate it depends on the location. But these numbers can surprise you.

Finally, we go over what we’re doing with our dome. I share some data from other local tiny homes in our area, and why that matches our conservative estimate!

We’re all super excited out the next stage of this property. Watch today’s video for an update on where we are and what we can make on our “tiny home” on Airbnb.


What's up guys, it's James here and in today's video, I'm going to be talking to you about a project that we are taking on where we are actually building out a geodesic dome. It's going to be sort of an off grid tiny home, and we're going to be Airbnb being that property. Now, a lot of you who have been checking out this channel for a while have been following keeping up, you'll know that I bought a property last year that had 100 acres of land. And then our plan was to do some development on that land developing some little tiny homes from geodesic domes. And I am happy to tell you that we are well underway on that project. So as an update, that main property is cashflow positive and doing great. We've had it live for several months now as a short term rental, and it's really cool really doing well. And the cool thing is that now we have the whole property, cashflow, and positive. Everything that we bring in from these Geodesic Domes is just icing on the cake. It's really just a bonus. And so right now we're working on clearing some land and clearing the path and getting everything set up for our geodesic dome. We've got the geodesic dome purchase, we've got everything ready to go. So within the next month or two here we will have our geodesic dome up and live and ready to go. Now we went with the geodesic dome, because the numbers on the geodesic dome just made way more sense than any other type of sort of tiny home or auxilary dwelling unit. Now you want to check out my last video if you haven't already where I break down the numbers on some Geodesic Domes in a couple of different areas of North Carolina. Generally, what I've found is that Geodesic Domes tend to bring in about $40,000 a year in the area that our property is located in. Now if you saw the last video, you'll see that some Geodesic Domes can bring it up to $100,000 in a year, which is absolutely mind blowing, they only cost about 30 to $40,000. You can even do them for a lot less, you can set up a smaller geodesic dome really basic for about $15,000. I mentioned last video as well that one of those geodesic domes, just the dome structure only costs about seven to $8,000. So if you compare that to building an A frame cabin, or you know getting a camper or an RV, the cost is generally about the same if not less than, especially than an A frame cabin, things like that. But the uniqueness factor is off the charts, people love staying in geodesic domes are such a cool experience that you just can't get anywhere else. And the views are absolutely incredible, because typically they're wide open. And so that's a few different reasons why the geodesic dome has just performed so, so well and get such great ROI. So what we're expecting is that we'll spend about 35 to $40,000, getting this whole thing set up, it's actually going to be a very large geodesic dome. So that's why it's costing so much, it's going to have the ability to accommodate four to six people. And so it's quite large as you can imagine. And we actually expect that it's going to bring in closer to $40,000 upwards per year, we're really expecting more than 40,000. But that's our conservative estimate, because the smaller Geodesic Domes in our area that can only accommodate two people and that are very basic, those ones are bringing about $40,000 a year. So we know we'll be able to do about that much, probably quite a bit more. And that means that just just think about that, that we're putting that money in. And then every single year we're making as much as we invested. Right? Imagine buying a property for $500,000. And having that property, then generate half a million dollars in bookings every single year, that would be absolutely insane. It'd be totally mind blowing, you'd never be able to get that kind of an ROI when you're buying an actual property. But when you're building a geodesic dome on land that you already own that is already cashflow positive, you can get those insane numbers. There's literally no other cost of the land because it's already being covered by the main property on the land. And so we're just going and spending $40,000 We're investing into that geodesic dome, and then it's going to spit out exactly that amount or more in cash flow every single year. That's crazy. 100% return on investment in year one. And that's why they're so incredible. And so a lot of people are doing all kinds of different cool projects with Airbnb and geodesic domes and tiny home villages. There's all kinds of potential. And the reality is they just cashflow so well. So for the average person that's looking to replace their nine to five income with cash flow from real estate investing or short term rental investing geodesic domes and ad use can be a really fantastic way to go. If you've got some spare space on you know, property that you have that has acreage, it's a really, really great way to generate some additional cash flow. If you don't then buying a property with acreage that will you know, cashflow with the main property and then that you can really just amplify that cash flow with geodesic dome is another great way to go. The cool thing is as well is that there's not a huge build up time to have to save up, you know, 100 $150,000 to invest in the next property. As soon as you've got 15 to $40,000 saved up you can add another geodesic dome and increase your cash flow. So you're able to just build a lot more quickly and really build substantial cash flow. So, you know, I wanted to let you You guys know that we're well underway. I'm going to have more videos on this channel updating. And if you want to learn more about exactly how you can get started either investing in geodesic dome and building them buying acreage if you want to, you know, have some kind of glamping retreat if you want to build a tiny home village if you're looking to do anything in this geodesic dome or adu or tiny home space, and let us know we would love to help you on that journey. There's a whole lot to learn and there's a whole lot to analyze. So we've been going through and learning all this stuff so that you don't have to so if you want a shortcut to exactly how to do this, how to do it the right way, then just make sure that you check out the link in the description down below for our free training on how to invest successfully in short term rental yield. We're also going to give you a free analysis tool so you can analyze different properties. And you'll have the opportunity at the end of the training to set up a free limited time one on one strategy session with our team where we can help you to develop a game plan to reach your goals with short term rental investing again, the link for that is in the description down below. If you liked this video if you want to stay up to date with this project if you want to hear more about the geodesic dome and the pole project that we've got going on there. Then make sure you hit that like button let me know that you appreciate this video and that you like it. Also if you have any questions, comments, thoughts, anything you want to share, make sure you let me know in the comment section down below. With all that said again, make sure you check out the link in the description. Check out that free training and I will see you in the next video.


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