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How Much Can Geodesic Domes Make on Airbnb? (ADUs, Yurts, Tiny Homes, A-frames…)

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Today’s video outlines three different groups of tiny homes I found on AirDNA and Airbnb. I break down the different types of tiny homes and what you can expect to earn with one.


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I’m a huge fan of huge ROI (return on investment). Put money in, get more money out.

It’s what makes short term rentals such a goldmine. 

As good as the ROI on a typical short term rental is, you still can’t beat ADUs.

ADUs, or auxiliary dwelling units, are things like yurts, A-frames, campers, or geodesic domes. These are places to stay that are extra to a main property. They can be temporary or “permanent.”

Having looked into a lot of these, I believe you’re best off with geodesic domes.

This is a project we’re now taking on with FDomes on our 99 acre property north of Toronto.

I did some digging and found some actual examples on Airbnb I want to share.

First, we go over a geodesic dome I found in Fairview, NC. 

Second, I show off a tiny home outside Asheville, NC. 

Third is a camper. These are pretty cheap to set up for sure, but can earn great ROI. Remember: return on investment is about percentages.

Then, I share a bonus pair of domes I found in Hendersonville. These were the best ones I found and, honestly, you might not believe how much they earn. They set a standard for anyone wanting to set up a geodesic dome (at least until we get ours going!).


What's up guys, it's James here and in today's video, I'm going to be showing you just how much money at US auxilary dwelling units like a geodesic dome or a camper can bring in on Airbnb spoiler, the numbers will blow your mind, it is absolutely insane how much money you can make with the right auxilary dwelling unit on Airbnb, right tiny home a frame geodesic dome, and I'm really going to be focusing in on Geodesic Domes for this video, because I've had a lot of people reaching out saying, Hey, I'm really interested. A lot of people know that my business and investing partner and I, Riley, we're actually doing a geodesic dome development project up north of Toronto. And that is one that we are, you know, we're building it out, we have some acreage and we are going to be listing it on Airbnb, there's a whole bunch of different learning curves along the way. So if you're interested in learning more about how to invest in land or ad use, how to build geodesic domes. If you want to take on a project like that and Airbnb and get some absolutely insane returns, then I highly recommend you check out the link in the description down below for our free training on how to invest successfully in short term rentals, grab our free analysis spreadsheet and set up a call with our team to talk more about how we can help you to build your Airbnb investing portfolio and to build cash flow from investing in short term rentals. Now that said, let's jump in. Let's jump over to the computer here. And the reason I'm going to be focusing on ad use for this video is because and specifically geodesic domes, because Geodesic Domes tend to be relatively inexpensive to set up and get operating, and the returns are truly outsized. So I'm using air DNA to actually look and see exactly how well properties can do. So I'll be able to pull the real numbers from these properties, which is kind of fun. Now, the first one I've got for you is this one here in Fairview North Carolina. It's a dome with a hot tub. Now, from my experience, if we look at this dome, you're basically doing a four season dome. It's got a hot tub, it's pretty nice inside, it's got its own bathroom, I believe, and then a living space with a pullout couch. Yeah, super cool. Yeah. And so from my experience, this is going to cost about $40,000. To get all set up. It's shockingly inexpensive, when you consider how cool it is. And that's why I always tell people like when you're looking at different ad use the one that I've found time and time again, to perform the best is the geodesic dome, simply because the cost is very minimal. Because you know, the material cost here is quite quite minimal, you're really just paying a lot more for the foundation of it. And then the like the platform that it's on and everything else inside of the actual dome itself, you can get them for really little money, we like to work with a company called F domes. And you can get a dome for as little as about seven to $8,000 for the whole dome package. And the other reason that they perform so well is because they're so cool. They're so unique. And that's ultimately what people are buying when they're you know, getting into a tiny space they're looking to book it on Airbnb is you're buying an experience and what cooler experience than a geodesic dome where you've got these incredible views is really cool, unique space. Now, as a as you know, like I mentioned, this property probably cost about 30 to $40,000 to set up and we look over on air DNA and pull it up here. And in the last 12 months, it was only available for 100 days, it was only available for 1/3 of the year. And in that time alone, it pulled in over $33,000 Almost $34,000 Imagine that it was 97% occupied, meaning it barely had a vacant night, it was available for 100 days and brought in $33,000 that means that you're getting all your initial capital back, you know, after like if you account for expenses here, they're obviously going to have some cleaning expenses and whatnot on the property. Let's say that they had even $25,000 in net, that means you're going to get all of your money back within about six months. That's pretty crazy when you think about it, and then the property is going to cashflow realistically about $50,000 per year, right? That is absolutely insane. And then if you compare that to I've got this other property pulled up, it's a pretty cool one here. It's a tiny home. It's uh, you know, 15 minutes from from Asheville here. And this property is, you know, obviously, it's going to cost quite a bit more to actually get that property set up. But it is a pretty cool spot. It is just going to obviously cost more to build a structure like this than it is going to going to cost to you know, set up a geodesic dome. And so for a property like that I forget exactly where that was located here. Let me try to find it again. There was another cool one. Yeah, so here it is. There's the one it's doing $45,000 And that was available 365 days a year so you can see what I mean where this property would cost more to set up. It isn't as unique as a geodesic dome and so it doesn't do as well it took 360 or 359 days available in order for it to do only about 50% better than the god Sick dome there was only up for 100 nights out of the year so far. And then if we look at another property and other kinds of Adu, this is a camper. And that's a very cheap one to get set up, obviously, just setting up a camper. We're gonna take a look at it here. And this one brought in $14,000. And it was available 210 days so you can see what I mean. Like, really nothing holds a candle to the geodesic dome when it comes to ad use. This one's really cool space. You can see they've done a really great job with it super cool, super unique, retro RV, but it just really doesn't compare to the performance of a geodesic dome. But I also want to pull up another location because I don't want to give any spoilers here. I think I just did if you if you caught what I was looking out there, but sorry, we gotta go back and I will find some property. So this these two Geodesic Domes I found there in Hendersonville, North Carolina. They're both hosted by a guy named Alex. So if you're watching this, Alex, shout out you are doing fantastically well. Let's get back into Hendersonville here i i got out of it. Where do we go here Hendersonville. Now, these properties are performing insanely, insanely well, I could not believe these numbers, they're right up over here. They're both right in a very similar location close to one another. And let's take a look. So obviously, this one would probably cost a bit more to set up just because it's done to the nines. Look at it, it's got this really cool setup outside. It's very cool inside these photos are absolutely incredible. It's got a hot tub outside as well. It's got a nice living space, really nice bathroom. But again, you're not spending a tremendous amount of money setting these up by any means. They've got this cool little outdoor space. And in this one, the really cool thing is it's on this sort of overlook here. It's built up on a ledge. So it's got this really cool view. It's really nice and spacious inside, it's got air conditioning, they've done it for seasons, it's really well set up. And you can see it's it's sort of perched up there and there's the other one over there. Now, if you can believe it, these two properties are doing the first one here is doing $68,000 a year. Now just think about that, that was only available for 247 days out of the year. And it was 94% occupied and brought in almost $70,000 in total bookings. That means that they doubled their money probably in the first year of operating that. And that's not even the top performer. The other one brought in $97,000. In last year, you can see it was available 352 days out of the year. So it's almost fully available for full for the last 12 months 91% occupancy, an average daily rate of $302 and it brought in $97,000. Just think about that. Just let your mind grasp how incredible that is. And that's why this is such a really a big opportunity and so many people don't see these types of opportunities and aren't able to capitalize on them for that reason. The reality is geodesic domes are super unique. They're super affordable to setup, people absolutely love them. And if you set them up properly, they can literally bring in $100,000 in a single year. That is unheard of show me any other form of real estate investing that can perform even close to as well as that does. And I would be absolutely blown away. So again, if you guys are interested in learning more about how to use this strategy with your Airbnb be investing or just get started investing in Airbnb and short term rentals and be able to cashflow like crazy then make sure you check out the link in the description down below. To check out our free training on exactly how to get started we're going to walk you through step by step by step exactly what you need to do what you need to know how to avoid all the common pitfalls a common mistakes and make sure that you invest successfully on your first short term rental property are also going to give you a free ROI calculation spreadsheet is going to help allow you to analyze different properties and make sure you're putting your money to good use on the best properties. So if you want access to that again, just click the link in the description down below. Check out that free training make sure you register before it's too late. Check that out and I'll see you in the next video. If you liked this video if you have thoughts if you have questions, comments, anything, let me know in the comment section down below. And if you liked it, make sure you hit the like button it really helps you out a lot with YouTube's algorithm so make sure you hit that like button helped me out to grow this channel and reach more people. And I'll see you in the next video.


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