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Bad news: We’ve done so well, we’ve got a three year wait list to invest with us directly. Good news: this video shows you how you can work with us on Airbnb investing without the wait and without giving up any ownership of your property.


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How has the last six months been for you? Have you made any moves on that property you’ve been wanting to buy?

What’s your plan for the next 6 months? Same?

Do you want to actually own a vacation home that also puts cash in your pocket?

By the end of today’s video, you’ll know how you can work with us to make this happen.

If you’ve been following the channel for a while, you know I got my start managing other people’s Airbnbs. 

I did that for years. And I was able to see how much money these property owners were making!

At the same time, my now business partner Riley had been buying and partnering with investors. He built up a massive small multifamily portfolio. (Think duplexes, triplexes, and quads.) 

He got very good at financing, buying, selling, renovating, and partnering with people who have money.

Now, we’ve known each other for a long time. After a conversation a few years ago, we teamed up.

You might also know some numbers from our past deals. They’ve done incredibly well. 

So well that we now have a three-year wait list to work with us directly.

With this method, we take a percentage of the deal. This usually comes out to about $40,000 per year in our pocket per property.

But we found that most people don’t want to give up that much of a deal. And having to wait for three years affects your scalability.

So how do we work together and what does that look like? Watch the video to find out.


Hey, what's up guys, it's James here. And in today's video, I'm gonna be talking about how we can work together how you can actually work with me and my business partner and investing partner Riley to invest successfully in short term rental properties. So if you have been wanting to actually buy a vacation rental home a short term rental investment property, if you want to buy multiple if you want to build your cashflow up so they can replace your full time income, and you can be a full time real estate investor and have passive income coming in, that allows you the flexibility and freedom to travel and live where you want, then this is really the video for you, I'm going to talk to you about exactly how you can work together with us. So that we can actually help directly hands on with building your short term rental portfolio successfully so that cash flows really well you get great returns, and you don't make mistakes, and ultimately just reach your goals a whole lot faster. Now, this isn't going to be for everyone, it's only going to be for a few people that are the best fit. Because Riley and I just to share about the way that we work with people and sort of our background is that anyone that we choose to work with now, if we're giving them the green light that hey, everything lines up, we actually make a good fit, then we actually guarantee that we will help that person to get their next profitable short term rental property up and running and bring in profits successfully within six months. So we guarantee that outcome. And if we don't achieve that within six months, then we actually continue working with that individual without any additional charge until they reach that goal. So obviously, I should go without saying that because we are standing behind our you know, support, our mentorship, our training, so kind of closely, so much, we really need to make sure that we're also picking them the best people to work with. And ultimately, that just comes down to we want to make sure that we can actually get anyone that we choose to work with results. We don't want people to just kind of come and work with us and not really get anything out of it. We're really gauging this on the results we can get people and so we want to be working with the right people. And so you know, if you're not sure that's totally okay, one of the first steps to working with us is actually setting up a call with either myself Riley or member of our team, where they're going to kind of get to better know exactly where you're at, what sort of experience you have, if any, and exactly what your goals are, what resources you have at your disposal to grow. And they'll let you know if we're a good fit to work together. If not, then they'll point you in the right direction. Or I'll point you in the right direction. If it's me, ultimately, that just allows us to make sure the right people are taking the right steps. So they're actually achieving their goals. And so really, what that just to kind of share about our background is that Riley and I have slightly different backgrounds or Riley's background is more in real estate where he's been buying, you know, renovating, refinancing, selling, holding, like, you know, all these long term rental properties. And it's always historically been long term rental, multi residential property. So think duplexes, triplexes fourplexes, he's been partnering up with investment investors and buying these properties. Whereas my background has mostly been in property management for short term rental. So Riley has all this real estate investing expertise. And I myself, as you guys know, on this channel, here, I have a lot of short term rental expertise. And so a few years ago, we then partnered up and start combining our two expertises. And buying short term rental properties. And it's been pretty incredible. You know, if you've watched his channel, you'll see in some of the numbers that we've achieved on some of these properties, like a property that we've purchased, but a year ago, refinanced it after adding $150,000 in value above and beyond, we paid for the property plus the renovation, and then also brought in about $80,000 in net cash flow on that property within the first year. So you know, that is a knock out of the park home run, we've got another property that we've got, that we're building a geodesic dome on, we're going to be doing kind of glamping sites. So there's all these really cool projects that we get to be involved in. And we sometimes work with investors to scale but at this stage, we actually have about a three year waitlist for investors that want to work with us and partner up with us and do deals. Because we just, you know, only have so much bandwidth to be doing deals and then we actually want to do as in terms of growing our own real estate investing portfolio. And so then the question becomes, Hey, how can we actually help more people without actually just directly partnering up with them, because also, frankly, there's a lot of people that partnership doesn't make a lot of sense for we charge a percentage of the deal overall, whenever we partner up with an investor. So generally, we're bringing in about $40,000 a year on that deal, if we're doing it with them and sort of for them as an investor where they're putting up the money in the mortgage. And so I know a lot of you guys are just like us, just like me when I was starting out where you probably don't want to give up that much of the deal. And you don't want to you know, work with someone who's going to do it all for you. You probably want to do a lot of this yourself and want to learn it so that you can scale and ultimately get to your long term goals and really build it on your own. A lot of people actually enjoy that process like me, I really love investing in short term rental properties. And so for any of you guys, we want to think hey, how can we actually partner up with these people and help them to succeed without taking such a big cut and without running into the kind of scalability issues of you know having a three year waitlist because also you guys want a comp Watch these things, and a lot less time than that. And so what we put together something called b&b Inner Circle, where we work with a small tight knit group of short term rental investors who are all very serious about investing in short term rentals. And there's ranges for people who are just getting started and are planning on working with investors. So they can partner up and do deals without investing their own money. And they're just getting started to successful investors that already have portfolios and are looking to optimize them and scale them up further to investors that have a whole bunch of cash that they want to start pouring into short term rental property. So it really is a large spectrum of people that share this common thread of all being very committed and very dedicated to short term rental investing and to building long term wealth and passive cash flow through short term rental investing. And so what we then do is basically get to actually show them and teach them all the strategies, all the tools, resources, everything that Riley and I use with our own investing, so they can implement it for themselves. And then in addition to that, provide all the coaching and mentorship and support to really be able to hold a person's hand right through to the finish line. And so if we work with someone like you, we would then be able to actually show you how to implement how to find the right markets to invest in, find the right properties, run through renovations, if you want to if you're buying fixer upper properties, furnish the property, list it manage it, all of that stuff, really walk you through everything from A to Z, and then actually be able to give you the tailored one on one support, mentorship and coaching to help actually break down deals with you actually hold your hand analyzing deals, because one of the biggest kind of stumbling points and the reason that we found that people don't take action is because of the huge risk that comes along with making a mistake I've talked about before on this channel that if you're investing in real estate, and you make a mistake, where you buy the wrong property, or you pay too much for the property, or it doesn't perform the way that you want to that can literally set you back a years on your investing horizon, your timeline, because you could be stepping over 10s of 1000s of dollars with any number of little mistakes you can make. On the flip side of that the incredible pieces if you do actually nail it and get it right, that you can really shorten your timeframe, I've had people start working with us and be able to bring in enough cash flow per month from short term rental investing with just the first property they purchased to be able to quit their full time job. So just imagine being able to quit your full time job 612 months from now, just out of the cash flow coming in from short term rentals, that's way quicker than you could do it with almost any other investing strategy, probably honestly, any other investing strategy. And so we really are there then to work with everyone that's in our inner circle to make sure that they don't make those mistakes, and they do really knock it out of the park. Because obviously the biggest challenge with anything that you're learning as a new skill is that there are mistakes that happen along the way when you're first starting out. And so with Riley and I having a huge amount of expertise in already kind of having been there and done that and made those mistakes, we can then help other investors to not make those mistakes, to avoid them and

to really get started on the right path forward. And so again, if that's something you're interested in, you want to work with us and see if we would potentially be a fit to work with you and helping you to grow your short term rental investing, then just click the link in the description down below, there's going to be a free training that you can register for make sure you sign up for that. And then at the end, you'll also have the opportunity to then set up a call with our team. Like I said, it's either going to be with me with Riley, or with another member of our team, where we're going to basically just break down with you exactly what the game plan for you is moving forward, whether that is working with us, or whether that's a different direction, we might just say to you, hey, look, these are the steps I'd recommend taking and it has nothing to do with working with us. Or we may say hey, you know what, it actually does make a lot of sense for you to work with us here are the ways that we can add value, here's the path forward. And then it's up to you whether you want to move forward with it or not. We really want to do this to be able to make short term rental investing an easier and more realistic path forward for people all over the world. Because, you know, we've seen firsthand just the mistakes that can be made along the way how long can take and I really love and I've been passionate about for a long time, this whole coaching and mentorship space. For those of you who've been watching for a while, you'll know that I also have helped people to build successful full time incomes from short term rental management managing other people's properties, which again, we still do that as well, you can see a link down the description below for a free training on that as well. But again, we just really are passionate about this, we want to help you and so if you are interested, then just make sure you click the link in the description down below, check out that free training. We're gonna give you our analysis spreadsheet completely free as well. So that you know at the very least, you'll have gotten some massive value from that free training. And like I said, if you're interested in working with us, you can schedule a call with our team, see if it's a good fit, and we would love to help you in whatever way that we can. So yeah, I hope this has been valuable for you guys. I just have had a lot of people asking me hey James, how can I work with you guys? How do we partnership? How does it all work? And so I just wanted to give a quick video to explain how that works. Share why we're doing it a little bit about kind of the background of what what brought this all about and let you know that hey, the links in the description. You can check that out and if you want to work with us and we If you decide that it's a good fit both of us mutually then we can go ahead and sort of rock and roll. So again if you're interested check out the link in the description below if you liked this video if it was helpful for you for clarified any questions you have, give it a like I really appreciate helps you tremendously with growing this channel and reaching more people and helping more people. So just make sure you like the video subscribe, we post two new videos every single week on this channel, so make sure you subscribe to stay up to date with those and then last but not least, if you have any questions, comments, thoughts, anything you'd like covered at all in you know just in general or if you want me to do another video on it, whatever you'd like, just let me know in the comment section down below. And last thing as always, I hope you have a fantastic rest of your day and I'll see you in the next video..


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