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The Most Valuable Amenities for Airbnb (Couples Focused)

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Today’s video is the third in a series. I’ve done tips on what to add to your Airbnb for business travelers, what to add to an Airbnb for group guests, and now I give five top ROI amenities for couples. If you manage or own a short term rental that caters to couples, this one’s a must-watch.


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If you don’t know where your target is, how will you ever hit it? Unfortunately property managers and vacation home owners quite literally miss the target with amenities.

Amenities are the things you add into your Airbnb property. Things like kayaks and Hulu and spare toothpaste.

But what if you only get one kind of guest? That’d be much easier. Just fill your place with the stuff that group of people want all the time.

In today’s video it’s all about couples. Romantic getaways are popular, obviously, so when you have a couple staying, what should you add?

I answer whether or not you should add a gift basket to your Airbnb. Should you include something small or large, and when?

I talk about a handful of items that are specifically for outside the property. I give tips on a guestbook for couples that are visiting.

Finally, I go over the things that you should have inside your property for them. Sure, some couples only use the property for sleeping before gallivanting off to their next adventure.

But sometimes it’s rainy. Or the event cancelled. Then what?

Stick around for all five top ROI amenities to add inside your Airbnb for couples stuck inside.


What's up guys, it's James here and in today's video, we're going to be talking about the most valuable amenities that you can add to your listing that is focused on catering towards couples. I've already done other videos on this channel that are talking about the best amenities that you can add to your listing for business travelers or to your listing for families, the other major groups of travelers that you would typically be catering to with your property would be couples. And so I want to really highlight how you can make sure that you maximize the performance on those properties in this video by adding some really great amenities and these amenities are not generally going to cost you a whole lot, but they will drive additional bookings. So these are going to be the highest ROI amenities you can add to your listing. Now before we dive into that, I do want to remind you guys that there are free trainings that are linked in the description down below, trainings are completely free. And they come along with some really great tools to actually help you get started on your journey. So we've got tools, whether you are already hosting on Airbnb and just want to be able to do it more effectively. There's a training for that, if you want to start investing in short term rental properties, or you're already investing in short term rental properties, and you want to take it to the next level, continue building your portfolio and build long term wealth and incredible cash flow, then I highly recommend you check out the training that we have for that, that's also going to come with our property analysis spreadsheet that we use for analyzing every single deal that's completely free. So I highly recommend you check that out as well. And the last training is for anyone that wants to start managing other people's properties on Airbnb, that's how I got my very first start. And Airbnb is building a six figure income managing other people's properties on Airbnb. So this is where you manage for a percentage management fee. So that means no money for down payment for buying a property, nothing like that no money for rent, no money for furniture. So it's really a great place to start if you want to start without investing a bunch of money, and you want to start building a nice steady cash flow business. So again, that training is also linked in description down below. And in that training, we're also going to give you a couple of free tools to help you to analyze properties and run projections for property owners. So you can help get those first properties under management. So with all that being said, let's go ahead and dive in. And just make sure that you check out those trainings in the description down below. So the best I would say probably the the number one kind of best investment that you can make in a listing that is catered towards couples is going to be to add a little extra touch of something special special. Now, depending on where the listing is located, you can get a bit creative with this. But I really recommend that if you're going to be really catering the listing to couples that you make it special, they're probably going to be going there for a little getaway. So you know, one of my fondest memories ever is, you know, taking my girlfriend to a cabin out in Colorado up in an area called Estes Park. And I went to that area because I had a fantastic experience at the lodge. And so I stayed at that same lodge again, multiple years later, the first time I went, I was traveling solo and let later I brought my girlfriend back. And when I went back when I went with my significant other with my girlfriend, they had this really nice basket when we got there. And now this was pretty extensive. This is a really, really nice gift basket with all kinds of local chocolates and some local wine and all kinds of nice stuff. You don't have to go that far. But going so far, it's just to have some a few nice chocolates, even one chocolate bar, even, you know, just something local, something nice and local, maybe you are in an area of Canada and you want to have some maple treats for them. Or maybe you're in an area that's known for its honey and you want to give some honey, whatever it is just have something really nice. Ideally local that a couple can enjoy together, it's just that extra little step, it really on each guest maybe only cost you $5. Now you can take it further, if you have a more high end listing and make some, you know, go even further and buy an even nicer gift basket. But you can do something for as little as $5, that's really going to make a lasting impression on that couple they're going to check in, they're going to really enjoy it. So that's number one, my number one recommendation there. Now, another great recommendation for listings that are catered towards couples is going to be to have a decent internet connection, I don't think you have to go full out here because you're not going to be you know, working ideally, hopefully, while they're there. And so just having something that they can stream Netflix on having a Netflix account or having an HBO or whatever account, you want just some kind of a streaming account, so that they can just kind of relax and enjoy each other's company and maybe watch a movie together. That's going to go a long way as well. Now, I also would recommend some toiletries, they're just some extra little amenities in case they forgot something because that can be a really nice kind of added touch as well. Another recommendation I would have is to add some board games. Now I know that sounds kind of silly, because a lot of couples, they're not going to want to go and just sit and play board games. But if there's a rainy day plans change or they do just want to have a cozy time inside. That's just really nice to have those amenities there for them to give them something to do especially if they're going to be staying there for longer
if they're really taking a trip to the area. If you have a property in the mountains or something like that. That can be a really nice touch and it just only cost maybe two 90 to $100 Depends on how many games you want to add there. Um, so that can go a long way as well. Another really great recommendation that I have for a minute, an amenity that you can add to a listing it's catered towards couples is going to be some more personalized recommendations for restaurants that they should try great date spots are great activities that they should do. So really just take the time to really put a bit more effort into this. And instead of just giving a guestbook that has the top five Google search results for best restaurants in the area, take some time to actually vet and figure out which ones are the best ones for couples to go to what's the best date spot, what are some really great activities to go to, you know, I stayed in Austin recently, and there's this really cool movie theater that you can go to in Austin, there's a few of them around there, and you can go and you can order a meal right to your seat. And the movie theaters, these big comfortable chairs is an awesome date spot. So having that as a recommendation will be a really great one to add in as well. So just any kind of recommendations you can give for couples things that they can do, that's a really great touch as well. Honestly, there's a whole lot of things that you can do. Again, like I generally recommend having comfortable beds, control bedding, blackout curtains, those are important in any listing, I wouldn't say that they're as important. Like blackout curtains, for example, aren't as important for a couple of hits traveling as it is going to be for a business traveler, but they are going to be important. So I would recommend adding those sorts of things. But these ones in this video are really the ones that the amenities that you can add that from my experience, provide the biggest ROI and go that farthest with specifically couples. So if you have any other thoughts, any other recommendations, anything else that you found really effective or that you found to really surprise and delight guests, let me know in the comment section down below. I'd love to hear more ideas that you guys have. And ultimately, the best thing you can do when you're trying to optimize your listing is just really try to put yourself in the guests shoes, try to think about what are the things that would make their stay more enjoyable, more valuable, make them more likely to book and also make sure that as much as possible, you're highlighting these amenities in your listing, whether it's through the photos through the listing, title, the listing description, some things like the chocolate or the gift basket, you might want to just keep as a surprise, but a lot of the stuff you're really going to want to highlight for people so they know exactly what they can expect and they know the extent of the really great amenities that you have. So I hope this has been a valuable video i hope you've learned something from it. And if you have make sure you hit the like button make sure you give this video a thumbs up it really does help me as I'm growing this channel. Also make sure you hit the subscribe button if you want to stay up to date with the two new videos we post every single week. And last but not least, make sure that if you haven't already you check out the free trainings are linked in the description down below. So you can get access to all those tools all that training again that's completely free my gift to you. So I hope you enjoyed it. Hope you got value from it and I'll see you in the next video.


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