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Here’s how you can easily earn anywhere from $700 to $10,000/month + managing one or more properties on Airbnb without needing to pay any money out of pocket. No money needed for purchasing, renting, or furnishing any properties whatsoever.

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In this video I’m going to show you how you can earn $700/month managing properties on Airbnb without needing to buy, rent, or furnish any properties whatsoever.

I’m going to talk about the #1 biggest problem that Airbnb has created and how you can make an insane amount of money solving it for people all over the world.

Millions of people all over the world are now hosting their properties on Airbnb. Doing so takes a fair bit of time for the average property owner, and often hosts end up leaving a lot of money on the table.

This is a huge problem. Property owners want to be hands off and they want the best possible ROI on their property.

Because of this, there’s now a huge opportunity for people all over the world to earn massive income managing properties for other people on Airbnb. All you need to do is learn a few key skills and you’ll be able to successfully manage other people’s properties.

The average property owner is more than willing to pay $700 or more per month for someone to manage their listing on Airbnb because typically, we can help them to earn at least that much additional income on their listing. In this video, I show you exactly how to do that.

Best of all, if you have the right systems, you can manage each property in just a few hours/week, meaning that your hourly wage from hosting is astronomical.

In a future video, I’ll also be discussing exactly how you can further automate and outsource the daily operations of hosting so that you can remove yourself from the business. This way, you’ll be able to earn passive income from managing properties on Airbnb and focus more of your time on growing the business and improving your performance.


Hey there, my name is James. I'm an Airbnb expert and the author of Airbnb for Dummies. And in this video, I'm going to talk to you about how you can earn $700 or more per month managing properties on Airbnb without buying, renting or furnishing any properties whatsoever.

I'm going to talk about the number one biggest problem that Airbnb is created, and how you can solve that in record time without requiring a whole bunch of skill or a whole bunch of experience in this space and use that leverage it to earn $700 or more every single month on Airbnb without buying, renting or furnishing any properties whatsoever.

So in this video, we're going to talk about first, the number one problem that Airbnb is created all over the world. Second thing we're going to talk about is how you can solve that problem for people and make really great money doing that and not require a whole bunch of skill to do so.

And the third thing we're going to talk about is why solving that problem is worth on average 700 dollars a month or more for each and every single property owner that you work with and how that's a complete no brainer for them.

So by the end of this video, you're going to understand the number one problem that Airbnb is created and how you can solve that so that you can be earning 700 to $10,000 a month or more depending on how many people you want to solve that problem for and how you can be earning $710,000 a month on Airbnb without having to put any of your own money down without having to buy any properties, rent any properties furnish any properties, none of that.

So let's just get started with talking about first, the number one problem that Airbnb has created. And this is a problem that's created for its host, which there's really two parts to the problem. The first part is that host don't have enough time. Right?

And so if you think about the average property owner that you know is managing their property now on Airbnb and they typically before Airbnb came about and before they switched over, they would have had a 12 month tenant in there renting it long term.

So when you think about the difference between doing that, versus now you have guests coming in coming out, those guests are communicating with you ask you questions about booking the place, they're gonna ask you questions throughout the stay, you've got cleaners to organize to come in after a guest checks out to clean the space, got a whole bunch more moving parts to that operation, and so naturally requires more time.

Now, the biggest problem here is that people just don't want to put that time. And so they're looking for a solution to that problem, because there's other things in their life that they want to focus on.

The second part of the problem is that they're leaving a whole bunch of money on the table. Now, some property owners realize this, and they know that they could be performing a lot better on Airbnb, and other properties are leaving money on the table without even realizing it.

The owner has no idea they may be doing better than they were on long term rent, but they don't actually realize that there's hundreds if not thousands of dollars every single month that they're leaving on the table by not doing things the right way.

So that's the big problem that Airbnb is trading and it's a really great one to be able to solve. Because anytime that you can solve a problem where people are wanting more time and they want more money, and you can solve that problem for them, you're in a really good position.

Think about some of the biggest companies on Earth, think about Amazon, what are they promised, they promise the lowest prices and the fastest shipping, it's going to save people money and save people time, you know, Uber, same kind of thing, save people money, save people time, they're going to get there quicker, they don't have to wait for a cab, and they're going to pay less.

All these massive companies. They're so successful. Ultimately, you're solving problems. At the end of the day, the most successful companies on Earth are all solving problems for people.

And one of the most common problems that people have are two of them, our time and money, they want more of both. So naturally, we can solve this, then it's a really good position to be in. So the next question becomes how do you without having a whole bunch of skill without having to create some, you know, crazy new software or something like that, do this and actually say People time and make them more money? Well, it's actually quite simple.

So the first one is actually really simple to solve, because ultimately, the things that take up a person's time as a host don't really require any skill. Anyone can do them, right? We're talking about messaging, some guests, we're talking about messaging, some cleaners, maybe the odd phone call, it's really quite simple. Those things do take up time. But it's really quite easy to do, anyone can do them.

And the real problem that property owners have is that it's not their main priority. They've got families, they've got jobs, they've got all these other things on the go. And they don't take the time to really put the systems in place. So these things are optimized. So oftentimes, these pieces that are taking you know, maybe four or five hours a week can really be done in as little as an hour a week, if you just have the right organized systems.

And now a property owner could put these systems in place themselves, but quite frankly, they just don't care enough to. It's the same way that you could go and figure out how to change the oil in your car. You Do it yourself. But instead you go to a professional to have it changed, because you know, that's going to be a lot easier, and you aren't going to be losing money in the meantime.

You're not going to let your you know, if you decide to do it yourself and you decide to change your own oil, you realize that it's probably going to take longer for you to learn how to do that you might procrastinated a bit, and if you wait long enough, then you're gonna have engine problems, and you're gonna have a bigger repair bill on your hands.

Similarly, with a property owner, they know that they take the time to do all this themselves, they're going to be leaving money on the table the entire time, it's gonna be taking time away from what they really want to be doing. And ultimately, they may make mistakes along the way.

And so there's simple tools that you can use like automation tools nowadays, that will automate a lot of the messaging with guests, you can create an organized way to make sure that your cleaners scheduled themselves so they don't have to go and you don't have to go and communicate them and let them know every time there's a check in or check out things like this.

And so that time thing, that time problem for proper errors can be alleviated without really require much skill. And you can never narrowed down to only being maybe an hour a week that you're actually spending on it for each property that you're working on. Now, the second problem is that is the money, right? That's real property owners are leaving a whole bunch of money on the table.

Now, in order to capture that additional income, it does require some skill. But the great thing about this is that it really is a science. And it's quite an easy one to learn. There's nothing artsy about it, there's nothing, you know, creative about it. It's not something that is repeatable. That is just kind of guesswork. It really is an exact science.

And if you know the formula to give the right inputs, then you're going to get the right outputs, and you're going to be able to really optimize the performance of a property. The best way for me to explain this is to look at for us to look at how a typical property owner is going to price their listing and how someone like me with the skills and the know how to be able to optimize the property, how we're going to do things a bit differently.

So if you think about the average property owner, you know, this is on the back burner, it's not the main focus for them. What are they going to do with their pricing? Well, they're going to pretty much set it and forget

They're going to take a look at what other people are pricing on Airbnb, which is guesswork, because everybody else is just guessing at what based on what other people are guessing at.

There's no real method to that madness. But they're going to take a look. And they're going to go Okay, well, this property over here is quite similar to mine. And so, you know, I'm going to set my prices similar to theirs, maybe a couple dollars lower so that I undercut their prices and get some more bookings. And they're going to leave it.

And then once it comes time, they're going to wait for a couple months, they'll get a couple bookings coming in. And then a couple weeks beforehand, if we you know, right now, let's say that it's February or March, and then they're got their prices set out until May or June or July.

Well, now once June comes around, they're going to go in there look at it again. And for any nights that aren't booked, they're going to maybe lower their pricing a bit so that they'll get them booked. And so they're kind of just haphazardly guessing at it. And they don't really have any method to it, but it kind of works. you'll still get some good bookings there because you are undercutting a couple other people and you've got a decent property. And so it'll work.

But the problem is they don't realize that That the bookings they did get would have booked with them if they their prices were 1020, even $30 a night higher than what they were. And then if they didn't lower their prices later on, they probably still get some good bookings in there at the higher rate. And so optimize it and really capture all the money that's out there.

And really optimizing performance or property, we have to look at things a little bit differently. We look at things the exact same way that a hotel company would look at this problem. And so what we want to do is you want to set our prices based on data, we want to look at data, which by the way, is readily available on the internet.

If you know where to look, you can find data on exactly what properties are actually booking for what the top performing properties with the middle range properties, all these different levels of properties in that area, specifically, what they're looking for on sites like Airbnb, homeaway vrb o all these different travel websites here.

So we can see what they actually booked for and we can set our prices accordingly. And we know that we have certain occupancy rate targets, we want to hit So if it's six months out into the future may we only want to 5% occupancy for those dates that are farther out in the future.

And as we approach once we're five or four months out in the future, we know we want that number to be closer to 10, or 15%, all the way up until a couple days before where we ultimately want to be booked as close to 100% occupancy as possible. And what we know is that if we're not hitting those targets, we need to adjust our prices accordingly.

So if six months out into the future, you're overbooked, that means you're getting too many bookings, it means your prices are too low, so you can raise them up a bit. If six months into the future, you are under booked, meaning you're not getting enough bookings, means your prices are too high. And so you need to lower them a bit. It's very simple to do this.

As long as you know what the goals are that you're trying to hit. You're constantly making those little adjustments all the way leading up until that day when you finally are actually having the guests stay in your property and you're you know, you've got those bookings in your calendar immediately. And so you're always maintaining that optimal pricing and your optimal returns.

So that means that instead of leaving hundreds or thousands of dollars on the table every month, by just knowing what the goals are and knowing how to do it, you can suddenly implement that and you can help to capture all that money and earn a really great return on that property. So that's how we're going to solve it simply by just doing the things that save the property owner time, right? Because that's very simple.

And we'll put some systems in place to be able to make sure that for us, for someone like me, it's only taking maybe an hour a week for each property. And then the price that you know the money is one of the really big important ones to the property owner that they really want to get as much money from their property as possible. It's very simple. You just need to know the right strategy.

So now that we can solve that we have to look at what's this actually worth to a property owner. If we can actually go and solve this to them. What would be a total no brainer for them for it to be worth? Well, surely, if they could make the exact same amount of money as they were, you know, working without us, they were doing it themselves, right?

They're doing all the legwork. They've got all it's sucking all their time out. You know, they can't spend it with their family. They can't spend on Their work stressing them out. If we could take them and give them back that time, and give them back all that time, take all that work off their plate, and have them earning the exact same amount of money as they were without us.

It's a pretty good no brainer, right? You know, if you think about if you were a property owner, and you were spending a whole bunch of time managing your property, and I walked up to you and said, Hey, I'll take care of all of that for free. I'll take care of everything you're doing right now. And you'll make exactly the same return that you would every single month, you know, even without me managing, you'd probably say yes, right? It's a no brainer for you.

And so really, what we're talking about doing is making sure that what we do the the additional performance that we create the additional returns that we create, that we keep those and so typically, that's going to be about 20 to 30% of revenues, and on a good property you're looking at 700 to even 1200 dollars a month that you're able to take without impacting the property. means they're still going to be making the exact same amount of money.

So if we look at this on a really, really basic level, you know, if a property owner is earning $4,000 a month on their property, right, and then I come along and I manage it for them, I improve their pricing strategy, I improve the performance. And suddenly, I bumped that property up to $5,000 a month, right and performance.

If I take a 20% management fee, I'm taking one fifth of that $5,000, that's $1,000 in my pocket, and the property owners still earning $4,000 every month, just like they were beforehand. So they're earning the exact same amount of money. I'm pocketing $1,000, and they're saving a bunch of time, it's a total Win Win, right? So that's why it's worth anywhere from 700 to 1200. dollars for the right property.

And then selecting the right property just comes down to knowing which properties based on that data I talked about earlier, we can actually figure out exactly which properties are going to earn that amount of income doesn't have to be proper, it's local to me, I can do all this stuff. Notice I didn't say I'm going By actually cleaning the property and just organizing cleaners, I'm doing guest communication, which is on my phone, I'm doing the pricing for the property, which is on my phone on my computer.

And so all that stuff can be done from virtually anywhere in the world. That's the way Airbnb was set up and designed. So I can manage properties anywhere in the world. And it's just a matter of finding the ones that are going to hit those targets I need them to hit. So they're earning four or five $6,000 a month, pretty easy to come by if you know where to look for them.

So hopefully, this video has been really helpful to you. I'm going to leave you with a couple of resources, links in the description down below that will help you to get started, I'm going to leave you with something called my profit only projection tool. This is a really awesome tool that we use. And we'll walk you through step by step in that tool exactly how to find and where to find this data that I've been talking about.

It'll show you exactly what properties in your area or different parts of the world are going to perform at so that you can identify those properties that are going to be earning four or five $6,000 a month and going to be worth your time demand. I'm going to give you that completely free. The link is in the description below. There.

And then I'm also going to give you a link to a free training that I put together, I put together this training that walks through step by step how me and my students are able to go about actually finding these properties to manage, get them under management, put all the systems in place that I'm talking about here and earn 700 to 1200 dollars a month for each property.

And keep in mind that it's pretty easy to manage 510 15 listings so suddenly, you can be earning a full time income be making $10,000 a month or more managing properties on Airbnb using this exact model that I just talked about. So if you want to learn more about that and you want to get some free training, then just check out the link in the description below. And you can check that out for yourself.

So hopefully this video has been really great if you want more Airbnb related content, then subscribe to the channel if you subscribe and set up the bell so you get notified when I release a new video I'm going to be posting a whole bunch of additional Airbnb related content that will help you to make more money from hosting on Airbnb whether you are already hosting and you want to improve your performance on your own property.

Or whether like we talked about in this video you want to manage properties for other people don't be really enjoyed if you did, give the video a thumbs up as well and I'll see you next video


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