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Airbnb in 2021 — Everything That’s Changed

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What will be different about Airbnb in 2021? Find out what we can expect with tourism and short term rentals in the next 12 months in this video. 


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Today, we are going to look at everything that has changed about Airbnb in 2021, and what hasn’t changed, so you can take advantage of all the opportunities that are available on Airbnb for this year. Generally within the travel industry, there is a change that is happening this year. Right now, in many areas, we are in the low season for Airbnb, which is the winter. This is normal for many places in the world that short term rentals are lower than they will be in the next 6-9 months, especially once the vaccine really starts getting spread out. So for now, there isn’t a huge amount of international tourism happening, it is still largely domestic. Now, you can still do exceptionally well on Airbnb with domestic tourism. But there is a big opportunity on the horizon that you can start preparing for now. And that is when the vaccine becomes widespread, and we see a huge uptick in international travel again. Of course, there is a pent up desire for travel, and for a certain amount of time, it is going to be cheap. Once the quarantine requirements start getting lifted and the demand for international travel starts increasing, we are likely going to see a really huge opportunity for short term rental, and the tourism industry as a whole. 

If you are hosting a property on Airbnb, you should make sure you’re watching your calendar. If you start seeing a larger volume of bookings coming in, you want to start increasing your prices so you aren’t overbooked and underpriced, missing out on a huge amount of revenue you could have been generating. The other thing you’re going to want to do is optimize your listing for international guests. Right now, a lot of people have been optimizing for domestic tourists, because that is the demographic who is booking the most right now. But in the coming months, as international tourism starts picking up steam, it’s going to be important to start optimizing your listing to attract those travellers. Now, an exciting side of this opportunity is for anyone that is looking to get started managing properties on Airbnb. The low season is often a great time to do that. There are lots of landlords that are looking to fill their properties and they are having a harder time doing that. They might be open to solutions to that problem, even if they hadn’t considered short term rental before. And during the high season when property owners are a lot busier, it’s harder to take over a listing and start the managing process. So if you take advantage of the slow season, there’s a huge potential upside for your clients where you can make sure their listing is optimized and set up for the largest potential returns during the high season. 

Another change for Airbnb in 2021 is hopefully improvements coming in on their guest communication. That is an area that experienced a lot of layoffs during the last year, and hopefully they will be building that back up. Overall, I see the next 12 months as having lots of opportunities with Airbnb moving forward! 


What's up guys, it's James here and in today's video, I'm going to be talking to you about Airbnb and 2021. We're going to talk about everything that's changed. And some things that haven't changed that are going to stay the same so that you can be prepared to take advantage of all the opportunities that are presenting themselves with Airbnb in 2021. So let's just dive right into it.

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Now with all that out of the way, let's dive into and talk about what's new coming down the pike for Airbnb in 2021. Well, to start off with there is just a an overall environmental change happening sort of a an industry change happening in 2021. Now that we have a vaccine, now the advice that I give to people right now is going to be very similar to the advice that I give to people in the low season. Because right now in a lot of places in the world, we actually are in the low season, we're going into winter. But right now, all over the place, we're in sort of a low season for Airbnb and short term rental, comparative to what we're going to be seeing in six to nine months once the vaccine is largely spread out.

And what I mean by that is that right now, there's still not a lot of travel happening aside from domestic travel. Now we've talked in previous videos about how you can still do exceptionally well on Airbnb, with domestic tourism. But right now there's a really, really big opportunity on the horizon that you're going to want to start preparing for now. And that is the opportunity it's going to show up once the vaccine becomes widespread, and we see international travel start to become feasible again, there is understandably going to be a lot of pent up demand for travel. And for a certain period of time travel is still going to be exceptionally cheap right now, you can book round trip flights to Mexico from Canada for $247.

That's about a four hour flight, I believe, round trip for $247. It's an incredible deal right now, making it very attractive to travel internationally, aside from the whole quarantining thing when you get back. Now, once that starts to get lifted, there's gonna be likely a little bit of lag with flight prices, rebounding, so you're gonna see a huge demand for international travel once it becomes feasible again. Now, obviously, I can't predict the future. But I would be very, very surprised if we don't see a huge bounce back in international travel within six to nine, maybe 12 or more months in the future.

Now what does that mean for you should you be putting all your eggs in that basket trying to time things perfectly? Well, obviously not. I don't know how much longer this is going to last and neither does anybody else. But in the low season like we're in right now, you really want to be making sure that you're getting prepared for the upcoming high season so that when it does hit, you're well positioned to take advantage. Now, success is when opportunity meets preparation, there's opportunity on the horizon, so it's up to you to become prepared.

Now, this means a couple of different things depending on what boat you're in. If you yourself are hosting a property on Airbnb, it means watching your calendar. If you start to get a large influx of bookings, make sure that your rates start increasing your prices. The last thing you want is to have really low prices and get your property over booked, when you could have had a lot more income coming in. The other thing you want to do is make sure that you're ready to optimize your listing for international guests. Once we start seeing more international guests traveling, if you've been following my advice from previous videos, I know a lot of people have been successfully, you've been optimizing your listing for domestic tourists, because that's the type of people that are booking listings right now.

But we're gonna have to start re optimizing for international guests once that time comes around. Now, the more exciting side of this opportunity is for anyone looking to get started managing properties on Airbnb or currently managing properties on Airbnb. A really big opportunity here is to start picking up properties and growing your business. The low season is always a historically great time to do that. It's a little bit counterintuitive, most people think that they're going to want to pick up properties in the high season and that it doesn't make a lot of sense to grow your business in the low season.

And what I've found to be true is the exact opposite of that, you can get the best setups with properties on the low season for a couple of key reasons. Number one, a lot of landlords right now are looking to get their properties filled up and they're having a harder time doing it than normal. Now whether that means that they have a long term rental property that it might make sense to convert over to short term rental because not a lot of people are moving right now or whether it means that they have a short term rental they're having troubles getting bookings in immediate They're more open to solutions, because the problem and the pain that it presents is a lot more pressing right now than in the high season.

Now, the other reason is that, in the high season, people tend to be a lot busier when they're hosting a property on Airbnb already. And so if you can take over that property in the slow season before the high season heads, they just have more bandwidth for you to actually get the property on board and take things over. The other big advantage is that there's a huge potential upside for your clients. If they bring you on now, then you can make sure that you properly set them up to take advantage of the upcoming high season, there's a really big value proposition there because there's a lot of opportunity for them to make a huge gain and have a huge win by how having you manage the property.

Whereas if they have you managed the property, once you're already into the swing of high season, there's just not going to be as much opportunity to really improve things, you're largely just kind of going to be left with whatever you're left with. So for those reasons, it's a really great time to get started managing properties on Airbnb, or if you're already managing properties on Airbnb to really focus down on growth, there's a lot of opportunity to bring properties on right now. And I can just attest to personally, the large influx of people that I've seen reaching out to me and asking how they can get in touch with the property manager, you know, there's a lot more demand for it right now than normal. So it's a really great time to get started.

Now, those are the main differences with Airbnb going into 2021. The other one that we're seeing that we've already seen at the tail end of 2020, is it Airbnb is just sort of buttoning up their operation quite a bit more given that they recently launched the company public with their IPO. So you're seeing that they're doing things like reducing and mitigating four parties a lot more carefully. They're kind of buttoning up and dialing in their systems a little bit more. And I hope Fingers crossed, that they're going to start improving their guest communication.

Again, they're sort of customer service and customer support, because that is a an area of their business. They've got heavily slashed with their layoffs. And so hopefully, they'll be building that back up, because we all know they need it. Like do expect lately, thinking more and more that Brian chesky is probably going to step down as CEO now not totally sure about that, again, I can't predict the future. And it's unclear what's going to come if that does happen. But I think regardless of whether or not he stays in place, we're gonna see Airbnb improving a lot on their existing core business this year, as opposed to really focusing on branching out into other ventures like they were in the past.

So overall, I think that right now is a really great time to be hosting or managing properties on Airbnb. And I think that over the next 12 months, we're going to see it get a whole lot better. Let me know what you think in the comment section down below if you agree or disagree with anything that I've shared in this video, and let me share let me know how you're doing how you're hosting? Are you hosting your own property managing other people I would love to know and get some feedback for you.

Also, if you have ideas for me for upcoming videos, things you'd like me to talk on, then just again, let me know in the comment section down below. And as always, please hit that subscribe button so you can stay up to date with the channel and hit that like button, give this video a quick thumbs up so that it'll help me out with the YouTube algorithm and just show your appreciation for the video. I would really really appreciate that. Until next time. I will see you in the next video.


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