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What is Pre-Check in Management on Airbnb? Find out why it’s a valuable service to offer property owners and how you can make money online!


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Today we are going to talk about an incredible opportunity to make money online managing properties on Airbnb. This opportunity is unique because it’s entirely online, with no work being necessary physically on location. This makes it very easy to manage properties remotely and opens up the opportunity to manage properties in any city or state you choose and have a mostly hands-off business that can be a very profitable and passive side hustle.

What is pre check in management? Basically, it is managing everything with the Airbnb booking platform right up until the guest checks into the property. This means that property maintenance, cleaning, guest communication, is all still the responsibility of the property owner. Now, you might be asking yourself, “why would someone hire me to only take care of the online responsibilities if they still have to manage the rest of the work themselves?” While it’s true that the online aspect of the job isn’t as time consuming, it tends to be the hardest to master, and it requires more expertise than the average Airbnb host has. If you want to dive deeper into how you can be effective managing properties online, and what tools and skills you need to succeed, take a look at the free training that’s linked below that will give you more details into how you can actually do this business and bring on clients to this type of management. 

Obviously, if a person is hosting an Airbnb property as a way to generate revenue, they’re going to want to be able to optimize their listing to increase bookings and income. So while simply listing a property on Airbnb or or VRBO is simple, that alone doesn’t mean that the property is going to achieve high performance. In order to optimize a listing and generate as much revenue as possible, you’re going to want to master photography, the listing description with a headline, description, and cover photo. And most importantly, you are going to need to master the pricing strategy, which includes raising and lowering pricing according to seasons and other factors. This in particular requires an in-depth understanding of the market. Many property owners don’t have the time or interest to develop an effective data-based pricing strategy. If you’re able to offer them that service and do that work and research for them to optimize their listing, that will be offering them an incredible amount of value because now they are earning more money on their listing without them needing to invest more time and effort into it. 

Another reason why a property owner might be interested in only pre-check in management is because for property owners who have multiple rental properties, such as real estate investors, they generally already have contacts and people they work with for cleaning and maintenance, or they already have a team in place that is trained to handle the physical job. So by stepping in and offering to take care of the pre-check in management, they aren’t going to need to change up their team or their methods too much, but you can optimize the online things to generate more money. And the best thing is that you can charge a 10% or 15% management fee, but if you optimize their property, they will still be making as much or more money each month even after paying your fee, which makes it a win-win. So not only are you offering to save them time and effort, they’re also able to make more money too, which is a no-brainer.

For you, the day to day aspect of the business isn’t much work. Once you’ve optimized the listing and set it up, you can be working as little as just a few hours a day while earning a substantial monthly income, as each property can bring in between $300 to $1000 a month, depending on the property and the services you’re offering. If you want to learn more about the exact steps to follow so you can actually do that for property owners and position yourself as an expert, I highly recommend checking out the free training that’s linked below. 


What's up guys, it's James here and in today's video, I want to talk to you about an incredible opportunity to make money online managing properties on Airbnb. Now, if you're familiar with the channel already, this is actually a slight adaptation on our traditional strategy of doing the management fee model that I talked about in a lot of other videos, there's a really cool opportunity because you can manage the properties entirely online meaning that absolutely everything you do is online, nothing involves actually on the ground services at the property.

So it's very, very easy to manage properties completely remotely using this model and start managing properties in whatever city you choose whatever state you choose, anywhere in the world and be completely hands off to really great business if you're looking for a relatively passive side hustle with great income potential. So if you're interested in that, then stick around for this video, I'm going to break it all down.

Now before we get right into it. I just want to say a couple things. Number one is please I'd like to ask you to subscribe to the channel if you're interested in hearing more about all things Airbnb, Airbnb, Mandarin, and how to make a great income and a full time income managing properties on Airbnb. If you want more content, we do post two new videos every single week on this channel. So just click that subscribe button if you're not already subscribed to the channel, so you can stay up to date with everything we post. Also, if you like this video, please take a quick moment to just give it a thumbs up. And if you have any questions, any comments, anything that you'd like to see in upcoming videos, just leave a comment for me drop a comment in the comment section down below, I would absolutely love to hear.

But with all that out of the way, let's dive into this. And let's talk about how you can make money using something that I call the pre check in management model. Now basically, what pre check in management is, is it's managing everything with Airbnb with the booking platforms right up until check in as the name would indicate everything before the check in is what you're going to be managing. Once the guest actually checks into the property, then everything from that point forward remains in the hands of the property owner and or whatever teams they might be using on the ground.

So this means that things like maintenance of the property are not your responsibility. Things like cleaning the property doing the turnovers are taken care of by the owner or by their staff or their cleaning team. Things like communicating with the guests, giving them instructions, helping them from a concierge perspective. All of that is the responsibility of the owner. And so be wondering, well, James, why would someone hire me just to take care of everything pre checking, isn't that the easiest stuff to do. And wow, from a time perspective, it is the easiest to do, it's the least time consuming part of the job. It is the hardest part to master. It's the one that requires the most expertise.

In fact, if you want to learn more about exactly how to do all this stuff really, really effectively, I'm going to touch on it briefly here in this video. But if you want to really dive in depth about it all and we've linked the free training down below that will go through things in more detail goes through like way more detail that I'm going to be able to go through in a roughly 10 minute video here, we're gonna dive into it for over an hour that we're going to really break things down for you if you want to get a much deeper understanding and be in a place where you can actually bring on clients quite easily and earn a substantial monthly income from doing this.

So anyway, let's talk about what I mean by that. You know, what do I mean when I say that it is the most valuable and the most, most skilled part of the role? Well, the thing is that booking or listing a property on Airbnb and these other platforms is something that absolutely anyone can do. We all know that incredibly simple. Airbnb has made it so that it is incredibly simple, easy enough that just about anyone in the world can do it. And that being said, listing a property is very different from listing a property effectively and having it produced top performance, talk to your performance, and actually bring in the most money possible.

And so to actually do that, you need to nail a couple things, you need to know how to master photography, you didn't know how to create an incredible listing description, you didn't know how to make a great headline, how to choose the right cover photo. And probably the most important aspect is that you absolutely need to know how to master your pricing strategy. You need to know what prices to set your listing out for what times of the year when to make adjustments, when the lower prices when to raise them, all these different things.

Now, in order to do that, you need to really understand the market. There's no easy hack for this. And so a lot of property owners, specially real estate investors who are working on this pretty substantially, they don't really want to invest the time and energy into that, especially from the mind of a real estate investor who typically from my experience are the people that are the most excited to take on clients with our take on property manager doing pre check in these real estate investors.

You have to understand things from their point of view. What they really want is optimize returns. They want to make sure they're making the top dollar on their property possible and what they want to be spending their time On is going out and sourcing more deals they want to find more properties to invest in, they want to have more money to fund those deals, they want to be working on that. They don't want to be doing the nitty gritty stuff as far as you know, optimizing a property's performance on Airbnb, all that stuff that's taking away time from their high leverage activity of actually going and finding more properties to help them keep growing their portfolio.

And so as a result, if they can work with someone like you, who can go in there and optimize the performance of the properties, make all those pricing adjustments, make all those listing adjustments to make sure their properties performing well, maybe you can expand their property onto other booking platforms like, vrb, o homeaway, all these other platforms that are available, they then don't have to work on any of that they don't have to spend any time on it whatsoever.

And they can be sure that their property is performing at the peak potential and their time is completely freed up. It's a really, really great value proposition for them. Now on the other hand, the reason that they love pre check in so much is because a lot of time, larger scale property, property investors have people in their Rolodex that they trust and that give them great rates for things like cleaning and things like maintenance. So they probably already have those things taken care by other members of their team. And so by you stepping in and just offering pre check and management, it makes it really simple for them, they don't really have to change anything, they don't have to get rid of their staff, they don't have to start doing things differently, they can just implement you.

And essentially, the net result is that they're just going to make more money. Now the beautiful thing about this is that you can step in and optimize their property by such an amount that even after paying you a 10 to 15% management fee, which is pretty standard for pre check and management, they can still be earning just as much money as they were when they were doing it themselves. Oftentimes even more oftentimes they can earn actually substantially more than when they were doing it themselves.

So think about that, again, from a properties property owner property investors point of view, someone walks up to you and says that they can help you to earn more money than you are right now. Wow, saving you time, it's a total no brainer for them. Now for you. The beautiful thing is that think about the day to day aspect of that business, think about what it actually looks like to be running that business day to day. Well, it looks like going in and optimizing some listings, adjusting some pricing, setting some software's up to really optimize things.

And really, once you get things doubt, then you can be working as little as a few hours a day to earn a substantial sizeable monthly income. Each property you manage can bring in anywhere from 300 to $1,000 a month, depending on the type of property you're managing, and how much income it's bringing in overall, that you're getting a piece up. So that's a really, really big chunk of the action that you can get for relatively little work, it's skilled work, meaning that you're actually getting paid for the results that you produce, rather than time you put in.

Now as business owners, we always want to be paid that way. We never want to be working in roles where we're getting paid for the time we put in, we want to be paid for the results we put out, because that's how we're going to really level up our income and our income potential. So again, if you want to learn more about the exact steps about how to actually do that for property owners, so that you can position yourself as that expert who can help them to get those results and actually bring on those clients, then I highly recommend you check out the free training that's linked down below, we're gonna walk through absolutely everything step by step by step and show you exactly how to do this for yourself.

It is really something that doesn't require a tremendous amount of technical skills or analytical skills, it just requires the right systems and I've really done a good job I think of instill of really breaking it down into manageable chunks so that absolutely anyone can implement it. So again, that free training is just linked right down the description below. I highly recommend that you check that out.

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