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Building an Airbnb Glamping Retreat

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What do hiking, maple syrup, and cannabis have in common? In today’s video I share three examples of how we and our students are building full-scale glamping retreats. 


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If guests wanted a place to sleep, they can just get a hotel. Simple.

But Airbnb guests these days want experiences. They want things to do and see and taste.

One amazing solution to this is a glamping retreat.

If you’ve never heard of it, “glamping” is a made up word that combines glamourous and camping

It’s for people who want to feel like they’re camping but they “need” more than a pitch tent.

For example, yurts or Airstream trailers or tiny homes or treehouses or geodesic domes. 

These can also be called accessory dwelling units, or ADUs. These allow for extra cash flow on top of the main property.

The cash flow is the buffer to help protect you from down markets. It keeps you from having to sell.

In this video I share the biggest trick to making sure you start your retreat investment off right.

It’s the same “trick” I talk about all the time on the channel, but with an ADU, there’s a slight difference.

Then, I go into the three examples of glamping retreats. 

First, our own and what we’re thinking of doing with it.

Then one of our students with an existing farm to share with guests.

Finally, another student with hundreds of acres and looking to build out a full experience.

If you’re curious what it costs to add one of these to your property or what it looks like to build these out, watch now.


What's up guys, it's James here and in today's video, we're going to be talking about building a glamping retreat to use as an as Airbnbs. Now, this become a pretty popular thing to do a few different people on here on YouTube have some really cool projects on the go. And I want to talk about our project as well as the projects of some of the students that we're working with and mentoring that they have on the go because this is a really, really cool opportunity in the Airbnb and short term rental space. So for any of you who don't know, a glamping retreat is basically when you're buying a plot of land typically, and then you're generally going to buy a plot of land and actually has a property on it. And that main property can then be used as a short term rental itself. But then you're also going to have if you have you know, several acres of land, you're gonna be building all kinds of different sort of tiny homes, geodesic domes, a frames, you know, you're gonna get like an Airstream tip trailer, all these really cool things that you're putting up on Airbnb, and then basically just using all that land for all of these sort of auxilary dwelling units that are then going to cash flow really, really well. And so I'm going to talk a bit a little bit about the project that we have on the go, as well as some of the projects that some of the students who are working with directly have on the go so that if you are interested, you can start to build a glamping retreat of your own, and really pull in some incredible cashflow numbers, which I'll also talk about more in this video. Now, before I do that, if you are interested in working with us and having us kind of hold your hand through the whole process and show you exactly how to invest successfully in short term rentals, how to build a glamping retreat, whenever you might be interested in the short term rental investing space, we can definitely help you with it. So make sure that you check out the free training that is linked in description down below. That's going to help you and take you through sort of the step by step by step process that we use for investing successfully in Airbnb in short term rental properties, as well as for properly building out and successfully building out any kind of auxilary dwelling units at our property. So again, the link is in description down below for that free training, we're also going to give you some free tools. And you'll have the opportunity to set up a direct one on one call with our team completely free for us to help map out a roadmap for you to accomplish your goals short term rental investing. So that being said, if you do like this video, throughout this, if you get value from what I'm about to share with you, make sure you hit that like button because it does really help me with YouTube's algorithm. Let's jump into it now. So for glamping retreats, one of the biggest, most important things in my opinion, is that you really want to buy a property that is going to perform well and cashflow. Well, even without those retreats, those sort of auxilary dwelling units. So for example, we just actually recently purchased a property with 100 acres of land, there's got tons of space for us to expand and start developing at us. And we're already building a geodesic dome there, we have plans for a few other auxilary dwelling units at the property as we grow and expand. But the really cool piece is that that property already cashflows well on its own without any of those auxilary dwelling units just by renting out the main house on Airbnb. In fact, we actually bought this property that has a really large garage, so we can even convert the garage into another tiny house. It's a fully detached garage. And so we can actually convert that into a tiny home, we're looking at options of doing that. And that's a whole other auxilary dwelling unit that's pretty much already built, right. And so really, that's an important piece because like I talked about in other videos, your cash flow is what protects you, it's the margin for error, it's the buffer, it's your safety net, that's what's going to mean that you're never going to have to sell the property. So even if the market does go down, you're never going to having to sell at a loss. As long as that property cash flows positive. And so the reason that we want to buy properties that cashflow positive without the ad use is so that we have that safety net. And then once you do that, it's really cool to be able to go and expand and build out other auxilary dwelling units. And I want to talk a little bit more about exactly which types of ad use to build. So we started out with a geodesic dome. For anyone who doesn't know what that is, it's basically just a big kind of plastic dome, essentially, with a whole section of it, that's clear. So you can get these really beautiful views out of it. There's all kinds of them on Airbnb in different areas. And they tend to perform really, really, really well they get great numbers, because they're so unique and they're so cool to stay and the views are incredible. It's something totally different from what people are used to staying in if they live in, you know, a house or an apartment or whatever, whatever it might be. The other cool thing is that they're relatively inexpensive to buy. I've broken this down in other videos and broken down just how much they can earn which spoiler alert, it's between generally about 40 to $100,000 a year that they can bring in as a short term rental and setting them up really decking them out getting them fully furnished only costs about $40,000 On the low end for a smaller unit. You can get it set up for about 15 to $25,000. So the return is absolutely incredible on these properties because they're inexpensive to buy and set up and they perform really really well on Airbnb because As of how unique and cool they are, there are other dicer properties that do perform well also Airstream trailers that are converted, they can be, they can be really cool and do really well. You know, tree houses can can perform exceptionally well, it can be really, really cool. And my rule of thumb is that if I'm looking at an adu, really, the uniqueness is going to be what sells it. So it's not really enough to build a structure that's just going to be cool and small, you really want something that's actually going to be unique. And that staying in that property is going to be an experience in and of itself, because that's really the reason that people are booking these unique properties is for the experience of it. And so that's what you really want to have guide, you know, another cool idea. And another cool sort of strategy with this type of investing is that you can buy a property that has something cool going for it already, and run it as a sort of glamping retreat and combine certain experiences. And with that, so I'm actually working with a few different students that are doing this right now. One of them has a maple farm up few hours north of Toronto, and they're going to be basically having a maple experience, as well as the main property is going to be on Airbnb, as well as some auxilary dwelling units. And it's in a really cool location where you can go snowmobiling, there in the winter, it's a really, really cool, unique property. And you know, how many other opportunities are you going to get to go and actually, you know, live on a maple farm for a little bit and be able to, you know, drink for an eating fresh maple syrup that's right there on the farm. So really cool there. They can also have animals and different opportunities there for different experiences. And we've even got another student who we're working with over in California, and they've got a property where they're going to be growing marijuana, they're going to be growing cannabis on the property. And there's all kinds of cool experiences that they're looking into, from, you know, mountain biking to ATV excursions, and then having some really cool glamping pads set up, they've got this beautiful cabin at the top of the hill that's got a sauna and these beautiful views. And then another big beautiful property at the bottom of the valley. And so this is really, really cool, beautiful setting with all this opportunity for different experiences that they can have their animals, again, all these different really cool things. And ultimately, that's a big part of the drive for guests on Airbnb is the actual experience of staying in that place. You know, if they just want a place to rest their head at night, they would typically just booked a hotel. But Airbnb is superior, because it offers these really, really cool experiences. And so the more that you can do to make your property, your glamping retreat, your auxilary dwelling unit, whatever it might be a cooler and more fun and exciting and interesting experience for your guests, the better it's going to do overall. So again, if you're interested in learning more about exactly how to do this, how to invest in short term rentals and how to really crush it on Airbnb and invest in the best properties that are going to perform well and that are not going to take a tremendous amount of time for you to manage, then I highly recommend you check out the free training is linked in the description down below. That's gonna walk you through everything step by step by step and you'll like I said also have an opportunity to set up a free one on one strategy call with our team or will help to outline a roadmap for you so that you can invest successfully in short term rentals again all that completely free and only avail for a limited time so if you are interested make sure you click the link in the description down below. Like I said before, if you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up I do really appreciate it helps me out tremendously with growing this channel and getting these videos in front of more people. So please just take a half a second and hit that like button. Make sure you're also subscribed to the channel if you're not already so you can stay up to date with the two new videos that we post every single week. And then last but not least make sure that you comment if you have any thoughts, comments, questions, anything that you want to share with me just leave out for me in the comment section down below. All that said Have a great rest your day and I'll see you in the next video.


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