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What does an Airbnb property manager actually do? Find out how to choose what services to offer property owners to add value and attract clients.


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A question I get asked a lot is, “what does an Airbnb manager actually do day-to-day? What are their responsibilities and how does it work?” So today I’m going to give you a little snippet of one of the modules that is in our BNB mastery program that explains and breaks it down. In reality, there’s not a single answer to that question, because there are a few different options for Airbnb management. For example, you can do pre-check-in, managing a property completely remotely, or you can do full-service management. So the day to day responsibilities and work will differ a bit depending on your niche and what you’re offering.

If you want to learn more about the step by step, in-depth strategies of getting clients, keeping them on board, automating, and producing results, you’re going to want to check out the link to the free training where we are going to look at it step by step and answer a lot of other specific questions a lot of people have about starting an Airbnb property management business.

I’m going to share a small piece of the training that’s usually only accessible by my clients that I work with. To start off, we want to understand what the different services are that we can offer, and they fall into one of three categories. The first category is the add-ons. They can be for pre-check-in or post-check-in. The add-on services you can offer are things like property setup, for example, getting the furniture and decorations purchased and set up. Depending on your niche and potential clients, this can be a helpful add-on service. Another example is staging. That is getting a cleaner to do a full deep clean and getting good quality, professional photos of the property to get the best foot forward for your guests. Lastly, we have listing setup. This is optimizing the headline, description, and pricing. Adjusting the pricing of the property for seasonal highs and lows, weekends versus weekdays, and optimizing for SEO to allow the property to perform well.

After check-in, we have guest communication, answering questions about the neighborhood, the thermostat, questions about the property. Then there’s guest checkout, making sure they enjoyed their stay, overseeing the cleaning team to get ready for the next guests. There’s also ongoing maintenance on the property, like changing light bulbs, plumbing, and other issues like that.

When you look at all of those add-on services, you can understand why these services add value to the property owners. They help save time for them and offer higher returns for their property, and setting up the property the right way attracts a certain type of guest. So with these services you’re able to alleviate a lot of pain points for the property owners, get better guest reviews, and increase the property performance. And for some of these, they’re not a part of your regular management fee, but they’re going to have a one time charge for them.

When we look at full-service management, we include both pre-check-in and post-check-in services. For full service, you can add more value to the client and provide more services, meaning you’re making a higher management fee. But it’s more logistically challenging to do it remotely – communicating and managing a cleaning team from out of state, maintenance teams, etc. When working remotely, pre-check-in can be easier to manage because there’s a lot less operational complexity.

I hope you enjoyed this information on what an Airbnb manager is taking care of on a day to day basis. If you’re interested in more information, make sure you check out the free training linked below too!


Hey there, guys, it's James here. And in today's video, I want to do something really special for you guys. And I'm actually going to give you guys a snippet of one of my training program modules from our actual flagship program BMV mastery program, I'm going to cut it a module because I think it's a really, really great module to share with some people. Because I get a question really, really often the question I get really, really often is, you know, James, what does a b&b manager actually do day to day? What are the responsibilities that they take care of? What does the day to day look like for that? You know, how does that all shake down?

And so I wanted to put together a video that actually reflected on what that what you do. And I thought, well, what better way to give you guys that training? How help you to answer that question, then actually just cut a little snippet out with a little module within bnb mastery program so that you can get a feel for exactly how it breaks down. Because there's not actually one single answer for this, there's a couple different options, you can either manage properties during full service management, or what we refer to as pre check in management managing properties completely remotely. And so the answer differs a little bit. And it'll also differ a little bit, depending on what niche you choose.

And so I wanted to put together kind of a comprehensive training here on the channel for everyone to check out completely free of charge. And so I put together here, we're gonna cut to that in a second here.

Before we dive right into that, I also just want to give a couple things. So number one is if you want to learn more about the actual step by step, the in depth strategies really dive into this in more detail. Then I've also linked down below in the description to a free training, where I really dive into all the nuts and bolts of this, I go into detail about exactly how we get clients, how we're able to keep them on board, how we produce results for them how we automate and outsource the business. So we can really help you to get to six figures a year from hosting, and do it in a way where you really have freedom over your time control over your time, I break that all down in a free training that I just recently put together, it's completely updated for 2020. So if you want to check that out, you want to learn more about that, I highly recommend checking out the link in the description below. And registering for a spot in that free training.

It's really, really helpful. I know from speaking with a lot of people who've been through it, it has a lot of light on a lot of these questions. So if you're like most of you have questions about this, you want to learn the step by step you want to kind of get your hand held through the process, then I highly recommend just checking out the link in the description below and accessing that free training.

So with that being said, the only thing I would ask before we get started dive into this training here is that you give this video a quick thumbs up, I'm sharing with you some exclusive training that I've pulled right out of our of our flagship training program b&b mastery program. So please take a quick second and just smash that like button, give it a thumbs up, give the video thumbs up, it helps you tremendously. And if you want to see more content like this, I'm not sure exactly how much I'll be able to share. But this is typically reserved for the clients that I work with very closely. But give this video a thumbs up to let me know let me know in the comment section down below if you like this if you got value from it.

And with that being said, let's go ahead and let's just jump right into the training. First off, we want to understand like what the different services are that we can offer. And we're going to categorize these into three different categories, one being add ons. So these are add on services that are one time services, and access pre check in. And then next is post checking. So the add on services are things like property setup, and property setup is going to be you know, actually getting the furniture, any additional decorations and actually going out and, you know, potentially making a shopping list of everything that's needed, going and purchasing it. And then going and setting it up at the property is an add on service that you can offer to hosts that could potentially be helpful depending on the niche that you're in to actually go and set up the property.

Next is gonna be property staging. So having a cleaner go in there and do a full deep clean and staging of the property to get ready for photography is going to be really beneficial to a lot of property owners because it allows their property to really shine when it's photographed and really put its best foot forward for all the potential gas. Property photography is another big one is going to be really really valuable for virtually every property owner. Because having good quality professional photos is the number one thing that can improve the performance of a listing. So good chances are a lot of your clients are going to need proper photography done.

Last one is listing setup, you know, actually creating the listing putting together the right headline, the right description, you know, all these different parts of the listing saying the pricing making sure that it's optimized, everything's, you know exactly the way it should be to be an optimal order that initial listing setup, those four services that have the add on services. Now the next group is what we call pre check in. So this is before the guest checks in is going to be pricing the property you know, make sure the pricing is optimized that it's adjusted for all the seasonal highs and lows, you know, the events that are in the area weekend versus weekday pricing, SEO, you know, search engine optimization.

So what this is, is it's not your traditional your typical SEO, but there's things that we can do to make sure that our listing shows up. higher in the search results on Airbnb, things like just updating the listing getting it wishlisted there's a whole bunch of different tricks, we'll talk about these more in depth in the in the remaining parts of the program here. But SEO is another one to just make the property perform better overall in search results, guest communication, you know, communicating with the guests answering their questions prior to their booking prior to their check in, make sure they get all their questions answered and actually booked the property.

And then guest checking, actually getting the guests checked into the property. And you know, getting all the information to them that they need to before they actually arrive for their stay. Now, after check in, there's going to be guest communication that potentially occurs if they ask questions about the neighborhood about the area about how to adjust the thermostat, whatever that might be, there's going to be guest Checkout, getting them checked out of the property, make sure they have all the information they need, make sure that they've enjoyed their stay, there's going to be cleaning after that. So having a cleaning team go in there and turn over the property get ready for the next gas, no loss is gonna be maintenance just on an ongoing basis, every property is going to need some maintenance here or there.

So that's just a matter of having a maintenance person go in there and change it the odd light bulb, maybe fix fix the plumbing every once in a while if it's needed. Those are the post checking services. And so you can see here already, you can probably get an idea your wheels are probably turning a little bit about, you know what problems some of these might solve? Well pricing an SEO, that's probably going to solve the problem of not getting the right returns that they want guest communication and guest check in and cleaning, well, if we manage those, those are probably gonna take a lot of time off the property owners off the property owners plate.

So that's probably going to alleviate that quite a bit, you know, listing setup, if we do a good job of setting the right house rules and, you know, setting up the listing the right way we can attract the right type of guests and avoid getting the wrong type of guests in there. You know, property photography, if we do that really well that can improve the performance of a property as well. So you can see that, you know, some of these services already mapped to solving some of the problems that we've that we've talked about up till now. So go through them in a little bit more detail.

And just further define the difference between add ons, pre checking and post checking the add on services, these are one time, there are additional services that you can offer that may help to solve potential clients challenges their amplifiers. And the really great thing about these that we're going to talk about pricing in a little bit here. And our own services are just additional streams of income to you. So they're not going to be a part of your regular 10 or 20 or 30% management fee, whatever you're charging is a management fee, the add on services are going to have a one time charge associated with them as well, then precheck. And these are going to be ongoing core services with the most leverage and the most scalability. So if you look back here, you know, these are really high leverage activities pricing SEO guest communication guests check in, those are the ones we have the most leverage, because that's where you're actually doing the higher leverage skills that are going to add money to the bottom line of the hosting business, these are going to really amplify the performance of the property. And then next is the post check in services.

So these are going to be ongoing additional services that may help to alleviate some clients pain points, they're not necessarily as high of leverage, right, you're not actually going to improve the property's performance, but you will improve guest reviews, which will make an impact for sure. And then you're also going to alleviate a lot of other pain points by just taking these things off of the proper owners plate. And so that's basically the breakdown of all the services. Now let's talk about full service versus pre checking. Now these are the two most common standard different models is you're gonna either offer full service management, or pre check in management, which is sometimes referred to as booking management.

There's other different terms for it. Full service is basically includes both pre checking, and post checking services. You may also include add ons in addition to that, like I said, those are outside of the core services, because it's just one time. Now the pros to this is that there's more potential value to clients, right, you can have higher management fees, because you're just adding more value to clients, there's more that you're taking off of their plate. The cons of this is that it is a little bit more logistically challenging. And more than anything, it's just that it's more challenging, not impossible, far from impossible, but it is more challenging to operate remotely, because you're going to be managing a cleaning team from a different state, you're going to be communicating with them a little bit differently.

So it's just a little bit more challenging to operate remotely than doing just pre checking. So when it makes the most sense is when you're doing local management. If you're managing right in your own area, or you're managing higher end properties, they're typically going to want a more full service management. And so that's when it typically makes the most sense. And so that's going to include your pre check in and your post checking services like I mentioned. Now the next option is to go pre check in pre check and includes only pre checking services. So it's only going to be those ones that were in the blue box there for pre check in. And the pros are that it's a lot less operational complexity, you're dealing with cleaners, you're not dealing with maintenance people at all. There's no real complexity to because everything is really just online. It's just the online part of it now, everything can be done online.

With the post check in as well, because obviously, you can just communicate with your cleaners, and we're going to show you how to set them up so that they're integrated with your software and everything else. But it's really just, you're not managing other people at all other than maybe your guest communication team. So it's easier to manage remotely. And it's a little bit higher leverage, like I mentioned before, the cons are that there's less potential value to clients, you can't take some of those pieces off their plate, so there's gonna be lower management fees, they're not going to pay you as much as if you were managing their cleaner and managing their maintenance, things like that.

So when it makes the most sense, as for remote management, typically, if you're managing properties remotely, that's when you're going to want to use a pre checking, method of management, that business model of doing pre check in, it's gonna make a lot of sense if you're managing properties in different city, a different state a different country altogether. And so, this is what that looks like. It's just a pre check. And so you're gonna do the pricing, the SEO, and the guest communication up until jackin, not after check in and you're gonna get the guys checked into the property and ready to go. And then from there on, it's gonna be back to the property owner for them to take care of.

So you're just basically managing their online presence with that platform, and making sure that maximize that it's really performing at top dollar. All right, awesome, guys. I hope that's been really valuable for you. I hope that you enjoyed that training. And I hope it helps you to answer the question of, you know, what does a BMP manager actually do day to day What does that day to day look like?

Hopefully, it's been really helpful for you if you liked the video, if you got value from it again, please, please, please just give this video a quick little thumbs up it does help me out more than you can imagine if you just take literally half a second and click that like button. It helps you tremendously with YouTube's algorithm to help keep growing this channel so we can reach more people. So I'd really appreciate if you take a quick second to just like the video.

And then also if you want again more in depth training like this if you want more step by step exactly how to build this business for yourself and how to earn a full time income on Airbnb managing other people's properties without any hard costs without any upfront expenses without any tech experience without any previous experience whatsoever. Again, just check out the link in the description down below. That'll take you to our free training where I walk through absolutely everything step by step. So just check that out if you want to learn more.

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