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In this video we’re going to talk about how to earn passive income on Airbnb. Now, I want to preface this video by first saying that true, completely passive income does not exist. All reward requires effort, and you can’t make money or achieve success without work.

However, if you build any business the right way, you won’t need to be consumed by the day to day operations. Some businesses are easier to do this with than others and one of the nice things about managing properties on Airbnb is that it’s actually relatively easy to outsource and automate the daily operations and turn the business passive.

In this video we’re going to talk about the 3 main moving parts of an Airbnb business and how you can automate or outsource them so that you’re earning anywhere from $700 to upwards of $10K per month relatively passively on Airbnb — depending on the number of properties you’re managing.

There are 3 main parts of the day-to-day operations of any hosting business:

Cleaning, guest communication, and maintenance/guest services. The best order of operations when looking to get yourself out of day-to-day tasks in a business is always to eliminate first if possible, then automate, then outsource as a last resort.

Part #1 is cleaning, this obviously can’t be eliminated, and can’t be automated, so it must be outsourced. Outsourcing this is relatively easy in theory, and a bit trickier in application so we’re going to walk through what you’ll need to do to successfully outsource cleaning without runniing into any hiccups.

Part #2 is guest communication. There’s actually a lot of this that can be automated (which we’ll talk about) and some of it does need to be outsourced because in hospitality you do still need a personal touch at times.

Part #3 is guest services/maintenance. As far as guest services, a lot of this actually can be eliminated, and I’ll explain what I mean by this later. The rest, including maintenance, does need to be outsourced.

In the video I go through each one of these three components in greater detail and explain the steps involved with eliminating, automating, and/or outsourcing each one of them.

At this point, once you’re no longer involved in any of the daily operations of the business, you should really be focusing on one of two things — either of which will put substantially more money in your pocket:

Optimizing current properties performance OR onboarding new listings.

This is the last piece that we touch on, where I’ll go into more detail on how focusing on either one of these areas can drastically increase your income from hosting.


Hey there everyone, my name is James. I'm an Airbnb expert and the author of Airbnb for Dummies.

In this video, I'm going to talk to you about how to automate and outsource all the day to day operations of the business of hosting properties on Airbnb, so that you can run the business passively.

Now, to preface this video, I want to say that there is actually no such thing as a truly passive business. No matter what business you're involved in, you still are going to be required to work on some of the business and put some time into it does require effort.

There's no such thing as an entirely passive business. As long as you own a business as long as you're operating a business. There is still some involvements needed. I don't believe in this idea of something for nothing where you're just sitting on a beach sipping Margarita is while the money is rolling in and fills up your bank account.

That being said, if you have the right business model, and you have the right business structure, then you can put a lot of systems in place to be able to remove yourself from the day to day operations of the business. So that you're not involved in it very much day to day, and you're more working on the business as opposed to inside the business.

And so that's what we're going to talk about here is how you can reduce your workload. So you can be managing 10 2030 properties and only be putting a couple hours a week into actually managing the properties because you've eliminated automated or outsourced all those day to day operations of the business.

So this way, you'll be able to run the business and earn anywhere from 700 to $10,000, a month or more depending on how many properties you're managing, without putting a whole bunch of time into the operations day to day and running the business relatively passively.

So in this video, I'm going to talk to you about three things we're going to talk about first, what are the main elements of a hosting business that need to be either eliminated, automated or outsourced.

Second, we're going to talk about how to do that what it actually looks like to eliminate, automate or outsource each one of those different elements.

And the third thing we're going to talk about is what you should be doing and where you can spend your time to be able to maximize your income maximum As the output the results you get once all these systems are put in place, and you're no longer needed in the daily operations of the business.

So by the end of this video, you'll have a clear idea of what it actually takes to earn 700 to $10,000. a month or more, like I said, just depending on how many properties you manage, and how much you want to grow the business without being involved in the day to day operations relatively passively.

So to start off with, there are really three main areas of a airbnb hosting business that need to be either eliminated, automated or outsourced. So with each one of these areas, the first the order of operations is just as I said, eliminate, automate, then outsource anything that can be eliminated, we want to eliminate because if you can get rid of it and take it right off your plate, that's obviously the most important thing to do.

The easiest thing to do so if it can be eliminated, that's what we're going to do. It can't be eliminated. We're going to look to automate it. We want to use software to automate what

However we can, because software is generally going to be a lot more reliable and a lot less expensive than having a human being do it takes a lot less of our time to train because obviously, we don't have to train a software, sometimes you have to do some little tweaking or whatnot to make it perform the way you want it to. But much less than if you hire a person or get a person contracted to do the job.

The last thing we're going to do is outsource whenever we can't eliminate something and software can't reasonably automate it, we want to outsource that. And so we'll talk about that as well.

So the first area of the business that requires input on a day to day basis is going to be cleaning. Obviously, each one of your properties that you manage has to be cleaned every time a guest checks out. So with a new guest checks in there, it's going to be clean, it's gonna be ready for them to stay there.

Now cleaning is something that very obviously cannot be eliminated. If you try to eliminate that you can imagine your guests are gonna be quite furious. So elimination is off the table. Automation is going to be pretty tricky to do because there's no software that can really go into a property and clean and turn over Maybe you could add like a robo vacuum.

But the end of the day, you still need to clean the sheets either place the linens, you need to replenish the sundries like toilet paper dish. So paper towel, that sort of stuff. So the end of the day automation doesn't really make sense for this one either, we need to outsource it. So with that one, we need to find a cleaning team that's gonna go in there and do the turnovers.

Pretty simple. And we'll explain obviously, in the later in this video exactly how to go about each of these. But for now, cleaning needs to be outsourced.

The next area of the business is going to be your guest communications, your guest communications, our you know the messages to respond to guests questions to answer anything that they want to know, before they booked the property. And while they're staying at the property. They don't know how to access the Wi Fi or anything like that.

Now, obviously, again, we cannot eliminate anything here because if a guest messages us and ask a question, we need to respond to it. You can't just not get back to them. That's not going to work very well. And we can automate this to a certain extent but not all of it.

So we're going to use a combination Automation outsourcing, because there are actually software's on the market right now that make it really easy to answer a tremendous amount, probably 50 to 80% of guests questions, because automation software now can actually read that software that that message that gets sent them using AI can figure out,

Okay, this guest is asking for the password for the Wi Fi, and you can program it. So that just sends them the password for the Wi Fi at the property they're staying at. It's really cool what software can do now, things that are like that are a little bit more detailed. And then obviously just scheduled messages, like for example, the check in instructions or the checkout instructions are very, very easy. And a lot of software's out there can do that.

So that's what we're going to automate. And then for anything more specific, we're going to want to outsource that because from time to time, the guest is going to ask a more intricate question like for example, you know, the thermostat doesn't seem to be working, how do I readjust it or reset it? Or how do I adjust it?

Certain things that the software might not be quite sophisticated enough at this stage to be able to answer and so we're Going to outsource that someone else responding to the guest questions.

Now, obviously messaging gas only takes a couple of minutes a day, if that when you only have one property, where you're really going to want to outsource and automate a lot of this if you have five or 10 properties and earning a full time income from hosting, and again, if that's something that you're interested in, then I've also left a link in the description which we'll talk more about at the end of this video that will link you to a full training on exactly how to grow a business and earn a full time income managing properties on Airbnb.

While we're a little bit off target topic here. I'd also like to request that you just give this video a thumbs up and please subscribe liking the video and subscribe to my channel is super, super helpful. So if you just take a second to just like this video down below and subscribe to it, it's really really helpful to me so I can keep putting out more of this really great content for you guys and help you to keep on improving your Airbnb hosting. So that's area number two is going to be the guest communication.

The third and final area of the business that needs to you know, you need to do something with it either eliminate, automate or outsource it. Going to be your maintenance and your guests services. This is anything from the maintenance on your properties, like for example, if a pipe or something like that. And for Guest Services, like for example, if a guest asked for more towels, or they, you know need something special at the property, they need someone actually go by there and give them something or do something for them.

Now, surprisingly, we actually can eliminate a lot of guest services and not talking about just not giving your guests towels when they request them. But I'm talking about not having it come up as an issue. Now by having the right systems in place. And for example, doing things like leaving at least two towels for every single guest that the property is going to be staying there, we can eliminate a lot of issues that are going to show up for them by just taking care of them planning ahead.

So they never composition. A lot of these things require the right planning and so we actually can eliminate a lot of the guest services things. Now for maintenance, and for some other, you know, unforeseeable guest services. We can't automate and we're going to need to outsource because obviously, you can't have a software or something like that or robot go by and fix Your plumbing yet. So for that stuff, we're going to want to outsource it.

Now let's talk about what that actually looks like, how do we go about eliminating automating or outsourcing these different parts of the business. So to start with, let's look at cleaning again. So in order to have a clean team go in there, all you need to do is find the right cleaning team that's going to be able to do everything from is that you need to work with a clean team that's going to be able to go by and not just clean, but also wash the linens, you know, so that the towels, the bed sheets, all that sort of stuff, and replenish all the sundry.

So things like the toilet paper, the dish soap, the hand soap, you know, the paper towel, all those sorts of things, they'll restock those. And ideally, you'll also want to have your cleaners do a little inventory of the property, you know, inspect for any damages, make sure that it's really well taken care of, and then any maintenance is being taken care of and kept on top of.

So to find that clean team can be a bit tricky. You need to know what you're looking for. And again, if you want to have a more detailed idea of exactly how to find these cleaners, and exactly, you know what goes into finding The rake cleaner what all it takes, then hopefully, excuse me,

click the link below to the training that I've got linked here that's going to walk you through all that in detail, I dive into the step by step of exactly how to find the right clean team, we've got systems for it, we've got, you know, slps for clean teams, you've got checklists for them all that stuff. So just check out the link to the training in the description below if you want more detail on that.

Once you've got your clean team picked out, you've got the right team in place, you just have to train them set them up. So they're familiar with each property and what to do how to set up each property every single time. And then they can go by there and reliably go by and clean the properties every time a guest checks out.

You can also integrate them with your calendar give them access to your calendar on Airbnb and their software's you can use like a JMS host way all kinds of other software's out there that allow you to do this really, really easily so that the cleaner can actually see your schedule and go by and schedule themselves whenever a guest checks out of the property.

That way you're no longer involved in the cleaning but you're also no longer involved in scheduling of cleaners. So you can really remove yourself from that process entirely at that point, short of just checking in on it every once, you know, once every week or so to make sure everything's running smoothly, and any questions are answered, the next step is going to be your guest communication.

Like I said, there's some software's you can use to automate a lot of this. And so that's where you want to start with once you get to the point where you've got maybe five or 10 properties. And honestly, even by two or three properties, automation can be really great.

Even with one property, just having your guests reliably get the check in instructions before they check in every single single time can lead to actually a better guest experience because human error means that you're probably going to forget to message a guest at least once in a year if that means you know, most people are going to forget even more often than not.

And so by having a software that does that automatically, and some of these are even free, for example, air gms, which I gms. Now they've recently changed their name, which I'll link to in the description below is a great software that does this for free for your first five listings. And so you can then automate a lot of the messaging so that you You're not involved in it and take care of the little wee bits that may require your need your input.

Now, you can go a step further and use a software like smart b&b, that's going to give you more automation capabilities. And then beyond that, you're going to want to look to outsourcing it. usually that means to a virtual assistant and VA. And so your VA, you can look for them on a site like Upwork, for example, that's going to give you a VA who has experience with Airbnb messaging, and they're going to answer any of those more commonly asked questions about the property that are a little bit harder for software's to answer like how to adjust the thermostats things like this, you're also going to want the right systems for them.

So you're gonna need to train that virtual assistant. And you're going to need to give them the right tools so that they can track all the details about specific properties. They need to know where the thermostat is in a property, you know, where the, you know, the water shut off is, you know, how to reset their Wi Fi, all these different things. And so you want to have a system so that they can track all those details.

And again, if you want more of the in depth behind the scenes systems that go into making all This work and really get into the nitty gritty, then go ahead and check out the link to the free training in the description below. Again, that's we're gonna go over that in more detail.

So now here you are, you've outsourced your cleaning, you've automated and outsourced your guests communication. Now it's time to tackle the last one, which is going to be your maintenance and guest services. Now, like I said earlier in the video, a huge portion of this can actually be eliminated. When it comes to guest services, you can typically predict a lot of what a guest is going to need at a property throughout their stay.

And 95% of all guests days can go off without any issues anything additional they need aside from what's out the property. If you set things up the right way, and you don't do that work and you don't predict and how the right systems to understand what your guests are going to need like a spare set of towels, an extra key in case they get locked out those sorts of things, then you're going to run into issues and suddenly it can be a large portion of your stays there require some sort of guest services, but by having the right systems ahead of time, you can eliminate a lot of them.

That. Now again, if you want more details on all those systems and you want more of my expertise and a real breakdown of exactly what those pieces are, and how to make sure that you eliminate them effectively click the link in the below to the full training that I put together on this, that's going to walk you through everything step by step, one stop part is eliminated, the rest needs to be outsourced because obviously, we can't automate that there's a software that can go by and take care of maintenance of the property.

And so maintenance and maybe the odd Guest Services thing is going to be taken care of by outsourcing. Now, depending on the scale that you're at, it's going to be a little bit different the way that you set this up, if you have just one property, it can be as simple as just having a couple handyman on call, so that you know who to call if ever there's a leaking pipe or an electrical issue.

If you have five or 10 or 15 or 20 properties that you're managing, it can be a little bit more involved. And so you might want someone to triage the different issues because you don't necessarily always want to be getting the phone call when there's a plumbing issue or there's an electrical issue or the guest needs anything that's outside the scope of what could be reasonably predicted. It's not going to call up often, but you might not want to be involved in that.

Because then you can really truly be removed from that day to day operations of the business. And so to achieve this, you'll put someone into the triage position, the person that's going to kind of take care of things as they come in, hand them off to the right people and the odd time, maybe go by and do something themselves.

That's a position that we call I call, I've named it the gopher, we call it the gopher, because they're going to go for this, they're going to go for that. And that person is great person to have on your team to just make sure that anything that the guests need, and the properties need is going to be taken care of and that you don't have to be involved in that whatsoever.

Now, once you've got all those systems in place, and you've got them set up properly, it really is that simple, you know, now it's that simple. But that doesn't mean easy. Putting these systems in place takes time and you have to have the right systems in the right skills to be able to do it properly, and set it up in a way that it runs smoothly.

But once you have that set up suddenly you're now freed up from the day to day operations of the business and so begs the question, what should you be focused on doing now, in my opinion, there's two things that you should be focusing on if assuming you want to continue growing the business and you want to keep on working on the business and improving your income and scaling the business.

Now, if you're not doing that, you can basically just relax and just keep checking on everything, check on the pulse with a couple hours a week. But if you do want to keep scaling your business, there's two great ways to do that. One is to just keep the properties you have and improve their income, improve their revenue, go and focus on the performance of the properties you can keep on optimizing your pricing strategy.

You can keep on refining things and keep on doing things to add to your properties, add value to your guests so that you can attract a higher return and increase the the returns for both you and the property owners that you work with. The second way to scale your business is obviously you meeting with more property owners and then just bring more properties on under management and scaling the business that way. So that's where your time is going to want to focus because that's where you can have the biggest impact.

You're not going to be able to as a business owner as someone with the skill set of being a Business Owner have a really massive impact by cleaning your properties, messaging guests, or tending to, you know, a leaking pipe, where you want to be focusing your energies is on the high leverage activities in the business working on the business rather than in the business.

So hopefully now with all of this in this video, you'll have a clear idea of exactly what it takes to automate or eliminate, I should say, automate or outsource all the different aspects of those day to day operations so that you as a business owner are freed up and you can passively earn money from Airbnb and have your time for you to be able to grow the business and keep on growing it to that you know, $5,000 a month $10,000 a month mark and beyond.

So hopefully this video has been really useful to you. If you want to learn more about exactly the step by step all the nitty gritty, you want more detail than I'm able to give you in a you know, 1015 minute YouTube video, then click the link below in the description that'll walk through my free training. It's not going to cost you anything.

It's a free training for you to learn the step by step so exactly how How To start, grow, scale and automate an Airbnb management business and do it in a way where obviously, like I've discussed in other videos, you're not paying any money up front to buy, rent or furnish any properties whatsoever. So if you want to learn more, click the link in the description below to get started.

And as always, I really appreciate if you can like this video, just give it a quick thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you're interested in checking out more content about Airbnb and earning income on Airbnb, whether that's through your own property or managing properties rather, whatever you decided to do. If you want more content like this, then go ahead and subscribe to the channel. I look forward to seeing you next week.


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