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If you’re just starting out a new Airbnb listing, it can be a challenge to get bookings. How can you make sure to get bookings fast and set your business up for long term success? 


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Today we are going to talk about how to set up a new listing on Airbnb for success and get a lot of bookings off the bat even when you’re just starting out. This is going to be valuable for people that are starting out with a brand new Airbnb listing, or for Airbnb property managers who are taking over an existing listing that hasn’t already enjoyed a successful track record on Airbnb. You want to make sure that you are getting a good amount of bookings, and also set up your listing for future success.

The first thing you want to do is to launch your listing with it perfectly set up. That means you have perfect photography, a great headline, and a detailed listing description. All of these pieces need to be really nailed down before you launch your listing. The link below to the free training is going to show exactly how to do that, and walk through all the step by steps. One of the biggest mistakes I see people doing is starting their listing before it’s ready. They take pictures with their smartphone while waiting for the photographer, wanting to get a few extra days of a listing. This is a terrible mistake because there is an initial testing period on Airbnb when you launch a new listing. Airbnb has built into their algorithm something that gives your listing a boost in visibility when you just start to test outperformance. If your property doesn’t have many people clicking on it and viewing it, then Airbnb is going to lower it in the search results long term.

The second thing you want to do is to set your pricing lower than you would normally set it. I’m not saying to cut the price by 50% or anything too drastic. But you can knock off 15% or 20% in the first few weeks of being live. This is going to make you more money long term. The reason is that in the beginning, Airbnb is giving your listing more visibility. Imagine if your price is set for normal or higher than the competition. Out of say 100 views, you might not get any bookings because people are saying “this is a new listing, they don’t have any reviews, I will go for a different option for a comparable price.” If you have 100 people look at your listing in the first few days with a lower than average price, and you get a few bookings of people who are willing to take a risk on a newer property for a cheaper price, then Airbnb is going to say “people seem to like this listing” and raise it in the search results.

Then after the initial couple of weeks where you have received some bookings, you can raise your prices. Now, with the additional traffic your listing is receiving, you can be making more for each booking afterward because you did well in the initial test phase and now you have reviews. The third thing I would recommend is asking your guests to write reviews. Make sure you deserve a 5-star review – go above and beyond for that client, and then ask for them to leave you a review at the end.

Remember, in the beginning, your bookings aren’t going to be at a high rate. But the benefit is that long term, this is going to set up your listing for lasting success on the platform.


What's up guys, my name is James and in today's video, I'm going to talk to you about how to get a ton of bookings on a new Airbnb listing fast and set that listing out for long term success in the future. Now, before we dive into it, I just like to let you know about a few things. There are links in the description down below to some amazing free trainings that will walk you through all kinds of different things. So whether you're hosting your own property or want to host for others, there's two free trainings I've linked down below.

Each one of them is over an hour and a half long and pure really just going to hammer you with a ton of value. I'm going to show you how to manage your own property exceptionally well on Airbnb, or how to build an incredible six figure year business managing other people's properties on Airbnb without investing $1 into buying, renting or furnishing any properties at all. So both those trainings are going to be really valuable, I highly recommend checking them out.

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So with all that being said, all that behind us, let's dive right into it. Let's talk about how to get a flood of incredible bookings fast when you launch a new listing. This is going to be especially important anyone launching a new listing. But most of all, anyone looking to manage properties or who's already managing properties on Airbnb, because when you're managing other people's listings on Airbnb, you're going to be launching a number of listings, right?

Every time you bring on a new listing, if it's not already got a successful track record on Airbnb, you're gonna be launching it and you want two things, you want to make sure number one that you get a bunch of bookings fast, you want to make sure that it gets off to a really good strong start. And number two is that you want to make sure that you set that listing up for long term success on the platform. And so in order to do that, you need to do a couple things, right.

First of all, make sure that you launch your listing with it perfectly setup. So you need to have the right systems to make sure that the photography is on point, the headline is great, and the listing description is really nailed. All those pieces need to be perfect before you launch your listing. Now I've got the link in the description below to our free training is going to show you exactly how to do that it's going to walk you through step by steps. But you need to make sure those pieces are in place right from the get go. One of the biggest mistakes I see people making is that they want to launch their listing before it's ready.

They want to go and take their iPhone pictures and put them up for the time being until they get the photographer and to go and do some proper photography. So they can get a couple extra days of their listing being live. That is a terrible, terrible mistake. And I'll tell you why. The reason you want your listing to be at its optimal peak level before you launch is because there's an initial testing period on Airbnb when you launch a new listing.

Naturally, with Airbnb being such a large platform as so many property on it properties on it would become very challenging for new hosts to get started on the platform if there was just left out as an even playing field. Because obviously when you start out, you don't have a proven track record, you don't have a whole bunch of people that are referring to you don't have any guests reviews on your on your listing, you might not have your pricing dialed in, there's a bunch of things working against you in the eyes of a guest.

And so if Airbnb were to just leave it like that, then it would be incredibly hard for their platform to grow because it'd be hard for new hosts to come on to the platform. So to counteract this and make it easier for new hosts to join the platform and have success. Airbnb has built into their algorithm, something that basically gives your listing a boost when you first launch it, meaning that's going to get more visibility when it first gets viewed. Now what happens at this stage is incredibly vital to your listing short term and long term performance on Airbnb.

Ultimately, Airbnb is the algorithm is built around making the company money, they want to get properties booked. And so if your property gets a big boost of initial people viewing it but not enough people view it, then Airbnb is going to lower it in the search results long term. Meaning that if you launch that listing with your subpar iPhone photos of the listing, you're going to get, let's say, 100 views and no bookings, then Airbnb algorithm realizes, oh, people don't really like this listing, we're going to stop showing it to people long term, that means you're going to miss out on a tremendous amount of bookings long term of your listing.

And you're going to have a really hard hill to climb back up to get your listing to come back up towards the top of the search results. So that's number one is just make sure that your listing is absolutely ready for launch that everything is as optimal as it possibly can be, before you set your listing live. number two thing you need to do is set your pricing a little bit lower than you would normally set it. Now, I know this seems a little bit crazy. And a lot of you're going to want to really optimize your bookings.

And you're probably thinking, Well, what value is it to get a bunch of bookings if I just lower my prices, now I'm not talking about drastically lowering, I'm not talking about cutting them in half, or coming out at 25%, or anything like that. What I am saying is knock 10% or 20% off of your price for the first few weeks of your listing being live. The reason I recommend doing this is simple. It's going to help you out to make a lot more money long term. The reason why is just what we talked about a couple of seconds ago, couple minutes ago there, Airbnb is going to give you some initial views, if you get those hundred initial views, and your prices are set to high, or your prices are set at normal rates, but guests see that oh, you know, they don't have any reviews, maybe I'll go with this other listing, and you get zero or you get one or maybe you know, whatever, just a few bookings from those hundred views.

I'm just using these numbers arbitrarily By the way, you get let's say zero or one bookings out of those hundred views. Then Airbnb algorithm says, Okay, again, not a lot of people actually liked this listing enough to book it. So let's not show it in the search results as high up but put it on to page two or page three. On the other hand, if you launch your listing, and you've set your price a little bit low, and you go and you get 100 views, and out of those five people book it, Airbnb is gonna go, Wow, people love this listing, they really want to book it, and then not means that they're going to raise it up to the top of the search results. Again, the thing to remember is that Airbnb wants to highlight properties that get booked, because when properties get booked, that's when Airbnb makes their money.

So the algorithm naturally is built towards optimizing for that. If your property demonstrates to Airbnb algorithm, then it does get booked a high percentage of the time when it gets given traffic, then naturally, as a result, Airbnb algorithm is going to give your listing more traffic. Simply put, it means that if your listing performs really well, during that initial test phase, meaning it gets a lot of bookings, then you're going to show up higher in the search results long term, you can absolutely go and increase your prices after that initial period of a couple of weeks, I'd recommend two to four weeks of having your prices slightly lower, and then raise them back up. Because at this point, you're going to be getting a bunch of traffic. And you'll already have some those initial reviews from those first guests that stayed there.

So you'll have some traction, you'll have a big number have a big volume, high volume of guests checking out your space because it shows up high in the search results. And you'll have a couple of initial reviews. So then you can raise your prices back up to normal and potentially even command a premium for your listing now that it's off to such a strong start. The other thing that I want that I'd recommend doing the third thing is to make sure that you ask those guests for reviews, make sure all your guests really you should be asking for reviews, but especially on those first really important ones, you want to number one, make sure that you deserve a five star review that you really go above and beyond.

And number two, make sure that you ask for review. So you actually get those reviews so that when you want to go and raise your pricing, you have the ability to do so because you've got some positive reviews on your listing. So if you do all that properly, it's gonna lead to a couple of things. Number one, you're gonna get a flood of bookings initially because again, let's remember that Airbnb is going to give you traffic and if you have your listing optimized, you have everything set up perfectly and you have your pricing slightly below in the market rate, then you're going to get a ton of initial bookings. Now that's great, but those initial bookings are going to be at lower rate so it's not gonna be anything crazy.

The real benefit of this is, is that now long term your listening is going to show up high in the search results. Airbnb is going to favor that listing and you're going to be able to raise your prices and get consistent incredible rates and incredible bookings from that listing. So I hope you've enjoyed this hope this has been really valuable to you if it has then I highly recommend checking out the link in the description below to the free train that we've got that will walk you through this and everything else you need to know to start a really successful and profitable profitable Airbnb management business of your own. Again that train is complete Be free just click the link, input your email, select the time, register for the training and you will be off to the races. So I highly recommend doing that.

And also, if you want to stay up to date with all the new content we publish on this channel twice every single week release a new video, I'd highly recommend clicking that big red subscribe button there, just click that big red subscribe button, you'll be able to check in with us and keep up to date with all the new new tips and skills that you can learn for growing your b2b management business. And last but not least, give this video a like There you go. Take your time, give it a like, hit the like button. And leave me some comments below if you have ideas for upcoming videos, any questions you want answered or anything you want my thoughts on or just pop in and say hi. Thanks so much for watching, and I'll see you in the next video.


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