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We’re currently entering into one of the most opportunistic times in over a decade. More money and success is up for grabs than at almost any other time in the last 10 years IF you know how to take advantage.

Help Airbnb Hosts to solve their (MASSIVE) problems.

Starting a business successfully requires a number of things to go very “right” for a person. No doubt it can be challenging to do at the best of times, but the opportunity that we’re sitting on right now is one of the greatest in many years.

Prices are cheap, competition is low (most businesses are scared) and PROBLEMS are both painful and abundant!

Businesses succeed by solving people’s problems. Plain and simple. Do that effectively and your business will succeed. Do it ineffectively (or don’t do it at all) and your business is sure to fail.

If you ask someone who’s been “wanting to start a business” for a long time, more often than not they’ll tell you that the reason they haven’t started is that they’re not sure where to start. They “can’t think of any problems to solve” or some other lame excuse.

Well, lucky for those people, now you’re absolutely inundated with problem after problem after problem every single time you turn on your phone, tv, or computer.

Problems are everywhere right now and a lot of people are hurting. Bad. They want solutions now more than ever, and those who step up and provide them with those much-needed solutions are set to win big.

Most people will be held back from taking action due to fear, and as a result, they will miss out on one of the greatest opportunities of their lifetime.

Most people will use this time as an excuse for the next 10 years to explain why they’re so far back and get sympathy from other people.

My advice: Don’t be most people.

If you want to take charge of your life, then there’s never been a better time to step up and take full responsibility. Take action, stop complaining, and start solving people’s problems at a high level. Those who take this advice and act on it will likely be looking back on this time as the single most opportunistic year of their lives.


Hey there, everyone. My name is James Svetec. I'm the co author of Airbnb for Dummies. And I really want to talk today about why right now, why the time period that we're going through right now in history is one of the most opportunistic times in the last 10 years. One of the greatest opportunities for anyone looking to start and grow a business in the last 10 years, anyone looking to become wealthy, anyone looking to invest. This, literally right now is one of the best possible times in the last 10 years to do so. Now, I know this is a weird topic to be talking about. Because right now everyone's going crazy. Everyone thinks that the world's ending everyone thinks that the economy is just in an absolutely horrible place. And quite frankly, it is. But I really want to talk about why right now is a huge opportunity for the people that are really ready to take advantage of it. And I also want to talk to you about how you can take advantage of it. And the number one thing that's going to be holding most people back without them even knowing it and so to dive right in

It like we really look at it, if you're looking to start a new business, right? If you were looking to get started in business, you want to look for a couple things. Number one, you have the problem solving problems. And I hear people saying all the time, well, I just don't know what problem to solve. I don't know what problem I can solve people. I don't know what problems people have. If you've ever been one of those people, now is literally your dream time. You must be like a kid in a candy shop right now. These What are people talking about right now? their problems. That's all people are talking about. If you go on social media, if you go on the internet, if you go on any blog in the world, all it's talking about is people's problems. The reality is that right now, people have problems that are very painful, and they are abundant. They're everywhere you look. And that makes it a really, really great opportunity for people like us to go and actually solve those problems for people help them to solve that's exactly what a business does. That's how businesses are built is by solving problems. And so what we have an opportunity here to do is go and solve those at a really high level.

They're everywhere. The other thing is that prices are low. Everything is low price right now advertising, you don't get anything like prices have dropped to rock bottom levels. And that's a really, really great opportunity for us. Because if we're trying to start a business, we're trying to do that at very low cost, then now's a really great time to do that. There's a lot of services being offered for free, everything's been discounted, and advertising space, just to name one thing is just absolutely low because everyone is scared. And that's the last thing I want to talk about is that, you know, everyone ultimately, is, you know, your competition right now is lower than ever before because everyone is running and hiding. Everyone is running away from business rather than diving in headfirst, because people are scared. There's uncertainty right now. And so that's kind of blood in the water and it causes people to run away and hide. And that means that competition is low. You know, the people that don't have a lot of flow that don't have a lot of confidence. They're running and hiding. It's not makes the opportunity for people like ourselves.

As people like myself who are well positioned and know the value that we can add to people it makes the opportunity even greater. So to talk about like how can you actually take advantage of this well you can take advantage of this by simply solving people's problems just look around look around at what different problems there are out there. I'll give you an example you know for us right now like we obviously I help Airbnb host to perform that's what I do. That's what I've done for years now is I help Airbnb host to perform no matter what in any market no matter what is going on in the in the economy in the world, I help them to become top performers in their market. Now, most people would have thought and honestly, I tricked myself into believing this for a little bit when things were getting kind of crazy. Most people would have thought that right now it would be a terrible terrible time to be in the business that I'm in. You know, the reality is tourism is at an all time historical low borders are literally shut down. Airbnb hosts everywhere are losing money hand over fist, right and so how

Could someone like myself possibly have a business that's going going to go well, in a time like this? Well, I'll tell you. One of the things that I identified that I realized early on it was actually pointed out to me by someone in my network was that, hey, Airbnb host right now are struggling. You know, I'm in the business of helping Airbnb hosts. And so they need my help now more than ever, like now more than ever, people need to know the right strategies need the most up to date, strategies, tactics, everything that myself and my business partner Simon, you know, we're co authors of Airbnb for dummies, we've learned everything there is to learn about making Airbnb perform. And if there's ever been a time when you need to have every single advantage you can possibly have as an Airbnb host. It is right now. And so we started advertising and wouldn't you know that advertising costs are half of what they normally would be. And now we're able to help even more people and we're able to deliver a higher level of value even because people are, you know, having these strategies now isn't the difference between making an extra

50 or 100 or 200 $300 a month, this is the difference between, you know, being able to keep their property and needing to sell it. This is the difference between having enough to pay their mortgage and not like this is a really, really opportune time for us to go and start really helping hosts at a high level. And so if you want to take advantage of what's going on the world right now, you need two things. Number one, you need to identify a problem, you got to find a problem that you actually have a solution to that you can help people to solve. And number two, you need to get aggressive about going out and helping people solve it. You've got to stop thinking about yourself, stop thinking about all the craziness, all the worry, you've got to go out and actually start focusing on solving those problems for other people. And that ultimately brings me to the you know, the number one thing that is holding people back right now is fear. It's their mindset. If you look out in the world right now, what do you see you don't see people talking about how exciting it is, you know how amazing everything is, you know, you notice a lot of the online make money guru, people are you know, keeping quiet

Right now they're shutting their mouths. Because a lot of people love to talk when times are really good. A lot of people can make money when times are really good. But in order to make money, when times are bad, you need to stay focused, you can't be looking at all the other crap out there. And you can't be getting discouraged by all the people sharing what their problems people have this obsession right now with talking about their problems and talking about everything that's going wrong and every what every business that's failing. And a lot of people are just talking about a fear, they're not offering any solutions. If you look back at any of the videos I've been releasing on this channel, I'm not just pointing out the problem. I'm also identifying solutions, you know, what can we do to move forward? What can we do to move past this and that's where you need to be thinking. So if you want to take advantage of this and you don't want to get held back, you need to implement things to make sure that you stand guard at the gates of your mind. Really watch your mindset and not be fearful because right now a lot of people are going to put themselves in a very, very unfortunate

Situations financially. That's the reality that we're in. It's a very unfortunate one, it really does suck to see a whole bunch of people losing their, you know, losing their income losing, you know, all these different things they built up over the last couple years feeling all this uncertainty, there's, you know, what is it millions of people suffering from unemployment in the US alone, there's almost a million people in Canada that applied for CRB or whatever it is, that allows you to get your income coming back because they've completely lost their income as a result of everything going on in the world right now. It's very unfortunate. And the silver lining to it is that there is a huge opportunity. Now, a lot of people are not going to take advantage of that. And that's really unfortunate. That's honestly what I believe to be the biggest tragedy, because a lot of people are just going to roll over a lot of people are just going to take it and they're going to spend the next five years 10 years just complaining about it and talking about how this time is the time that caused them all this hardship and that they can't have been successful because of this, this this net and this is what happened and everyone's gonna sympathize with them because a lot of

have us are going through it right now. What I'm telling you though, is that if you can avoid the trap of getting stuck up in your thoughts and your emotions and all the negativity swirling around, and you can focus on finding people's problems, you know, the most painful problems out there and actually solving them for people that you're gonna have a very prosperous next couple years is the time to start grabbing, attention, start grabbing assets start building is now you got the time, you've got the opportunity right in front of you. And there's a whole bunch of different ways to do this. And you can offer even offer consulting, you can do paid, you can do courses, you can do a service, but even easier is like you can literally just start building an audience right now. You can just start helping people for free, like out of the goodness of your heart. Like for example, we're doing a whole bunch of free content right now on YouTube, where I'm trying to help people as much as possible. Like we're not not monetizing this content. I don't even have enough subscribers right now to monetize my channel. I'm not doing this for additional income. I'm doing this because I genuinely just want to help people.

And I know that if I help people, when times are tough, that they're going to want me to help them when times are good, they're going to want me to help take them to the next level when times are good, right. And right now we're offering free training like for example, any of you that are that want to check out if you're a host if you're coasting on Airbnb, and you want to learn how to improve your hosting a training that Simon and I put together a couple months ago that was reserved for exclusively for our loyal followers, we've now put that up, I'll put a link to it in the scription it's completely free. We're giving stuff away for free now because we know that people need that help. And so ultimately, if you can just find a problem and start solving it, the rest will come focus on results first focus on helping your clients first and then the money will come and you know if you guys are interested let me know in the comments below if you want more content I know this video is quite general it's quite big picture. But if you want more step by step, you know you know execution on how you actually do this. You know more of the strategies and let me know is a little bit different than the videos I took.

post on this channel. If you're interested in more videos like this that get more into depth more in specifics about how to do this, then just let me know in the comments below. I'd love to put something like that together for you guys. But the biggest thing I can tell you right now, the thing I can encourage you to do most is to really focus on problems and finding the solution. Don't just get stuck on the problem face. Don't just focus on the negative focus on the positive because under all this chaos under all this craziness, there's a huge, huge opportunity here for those that are really ready and willing to you know, get prepared to level up and to take it on. So I'll see you in the next video.


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