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Airbnb Listing Breakdown! Cozy Quebec Chalet

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In our latest in this series, I breakdown a listing from one of our viewers and discuss what works and what can be further optimized.  This time, it is a cozy Quebec Chalet submitted by Marie Eve.


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Basically, I review a listing in real time and dissect what is good, what is bad and where to make improvements.  If you are an Airbnb host and would like me to look at your listing, just drop it in the comments below. 

The first thing that I always look at is the listing title because it is a huge opportunity.  When someone looks at your listing, they will initially see three things: the listing title, cover photo and price. Those will determine if someone clicks through to check out the rest of the listing. 

Since I am not familiar with the area, the title does not tell me much about the location. If your guests would be searching for Mount Edouard, then leave it in. I would recommend something more like “Cozy Log Cabin Right at the Foot of Mount Edouard” or “Cozy Mount Edouard Cabin with Wood Burning Stove”.  That gives more detail.  If you’re talking about location, it is best to have something like “ten minutes from ski trails” or something that references an attraction. 

Overall, the cover photo was well-chosen because it highlights the nice, big room which is one of the main focal points of the space.  The lighting is good, it is staged properly and nothing is out of place.  One thing I would recommend would be to have some hot chocolate or popcorn on the table to give a cozy feel and help me envision myself in this space. 

The order of the photos is meant to answer potential questions as quickly as possible.  So having too many exterior photos at the beginning means that the guest is clicking too far to see what is inside.  

Guests should be able to tell how the space flows together based on the pictures, as well as highlight the features. The photos should also be staged, meaning that the tea towels should be nicely folded and things like that. 

Overall, there is a lot of room for improvement for the photos.  I would take better pictures of the kitchen and would not include any of the low quality photos taken with your phone.  Also, the photos did not show any close up shots of the amenities, such as the TV and what is in the kitchen.  Those amenities should be highlighted in the photos and in the photo descriptions.  

Next, looking at the description, it is really poorly organized.  I would recommend having a listing description that is broken down into sections so it is easily digestible.  That will help guests be able to find the information that I want quickly.  It should be easy to read with titles, headlines and bullet points.  

There are some large gaps missing in the description, such as the quality of Wi-Fi, how many bathrooms there are and what amenities are in the bathroom. As a rule of thumb, focus on answering questions that your potential guests may ask and include those answers in the description. 

Looking at the calendar, it is opened up for basically a year into the future which is good to see.  If your calendar is open for less than six months, you’re losing out on a big opportunity, especially somewhere like this with a ski season.  

Their reviews are fantastic, so I am sure they’re doing a good job of hosting.  Most of the people we work with in our hosting accelerator program are doing a good job of hosting and have satisfied guests.  What they are lacking is making sure their property performs well.  There are simple things to do to lead to huge improvements in your listing’s performance like adjusting the headline and updating the listing description. 

You can go even further by updating the property to be even more appealing for your guests.  This listing looks like a place that families visit.  Have some hot chocolate laid out for them, and some board games, and include that in your photos and description.   These are not expensive things but are more nice selling features on your property. 

If you want all of our training on how to become a top performing host on Airbnb, there’s a link down below to the free training where we go through all the strategies we use to become top performers on Airbnb.  


What's up everyone, my name is James. I'm the author of Airbnb for Dummies. And in today's video, we're going to do another listing breakdown. This has been a popular request, people seem to really enjoy these listing breakdown. So I'm going to keep on doing more of them.

If you haven't already seen one of these videos, then basically what I'm going to do in this video is we're going to jump over to the computer and I'm going to review a listing on Airbnb. I'm going to basically go through the listing with you guys here in real time. It's the first time that I'm seeing this listing. And I'm going to kind of do a whole breakdown of it. I'm going to dissect what's good, what's bad, what room there is for improvement.

And today's listing is going to be from Mattie Eve, who is a watcher, a viewer of ours who submitted her listing in the comments of a previous video and that's why I'm going and doing this breakdown now.

So if you have if you're an Airbnb host you have a listing on Airbnb and you would like your listing to be reviewed in an upcoming video. You'd like to have me go down and really dissect all the areas where there's room for improvement here. the good, the bad, the ugly Then just comment on this video, comment down below in the comment section there, post a link in the comments to your listing, and then we'll get the listing reviewed. I'll do it in a future video, if I have the opportunity if it's a good listing, then I will go in and I'll dissect it just like I'm dissecting this one.

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Without further ado, let's jump in here. So if we look we've got married A listing here pulled up, and I'm going to go through from top to bottom. So I always like to do it just kind of going from top to bottom here. Now this is in Quebec in Canada, where I am not in Quebec, but I'm a fellow Canadian. So I'm not super familiar with this area of Quebec.

So location wise, I'm going to make a few notes, but very much leave it up to a matter Eve to know her location better than I will. But if we look, the first thing I want to look at is the listing title. That's always where I like to start in these videos.

Now, the listing title, you'll hear me say it a lot. It's a it's a huge opportunity, because when someone's looking at your listing on the on the search page, they're going to see three things. They're going to see the listing title, they're going to see the cover photo and they're going to see your price. Those three things are largely going to be what determines whether or not they click through to check out the rest of your listing.

malted Wow, chalet. That is a missed opportunity as far as headlines go. The reason I say it's a missed opportunity is all it tells me is a location that doesn't tell me anything. It's not a good way of telling me location because again, I'm not familiar with this area. So I don't know what that means.

Now, if this is the if monta Dwyer is the main attraction, the reason that people are booking and everyone who's looking at your property is likely to know exactly what that means, then that couldn't be that couldn't be a good a good piece to keep in the in the title. So if it's something that your guests are all going to be familiar with, they're all going to know exactly what that is. And great, keep it in the title.

If not, then put something that's more relevant about the location like for example, is it close to a park? Is it close to an attraction? Is it close to downtown somewhere, but if you are on the mountain, then that's a good one to have. chalet.

That's nice, but it doesn't give it doesn't give me enough like I want to know I would have I would prefer to see something like let's see this is because I see in the second photo that it's like right by a mountain that looks like it has some ski trip. trails on it. Like I'd imagine as you progress in ski trails, I'm going to assume that it's on a ski slope, it's on a mountain that I would put cozy log cabin, right at the foot hill of multi dwa.

Right would be a better title without even adding much more detail, just the fact that it's a cozy, cozy log cabin. I wouldn't even go so far I can see there's like a wood burning stove here. I would go cozy multi dwarf chalet with wood burning stove.

Again, that gives a little bit more, a little bit more in like detail about the about the listing, it gives you that it's cozy, it gives you that it's got a it's got a wood burning stove, and it tells you as much about the location. Again, if you have more to say about the location that's close to something else, two minute drive from this 10 minute walk from that trails nearby hiking nearby, any of that sort of stuff. That would be interesting.

It'd be very valuable to put into the headline. Now photos wise and your cover photo is good. I'm going to look at the rest of the space. See if there's Another one that I recommend to have here. But overall, I think this is a good cover photo because it highlights a nice big room here, which I would imagine is one of the kind of main focal points of the of the space of the listing.

It's a really nice photo, it's well done, the lighting is good, it's staged properly, nothing is out of place. One thing I might recommend would be to have some stuff out on the table. But again, it's not a big deal. It's just something that if you're going into you're redoing these photos at some point, I would recommend having some things laid out on the table, maybe some hot chocolate, maybe some, some popcorn, something like that.

Just give me that kind of cozy feel in here helped me to envision myself in the space and get kind of excited about going there. And then this is a nice photo to follow it up with because it tells you that Okay, yeah, it's right near the mountain, which I'm assuming is an important feature. Again, I'm assuming that it is. That is a ski slope that's very close to so giving that photo gives me context that wow, from the property. I'm that close to it.

It really is right near the slope. Another exterior photo I probably wouldn't have right here. I would have this. I think it's good to have that photo. But I don't think it's it's great to have it right here because I still, like I want it. I want your photos to answer my questions as quickly as possible. And I still have a lot of questions about the property on the inside more so than I care about the outside of the property. Also, this photo specifically is not a very great one.

I don't like that the tree is kind of cutting off a bunch. It's a little bit blurry. It's not a really great angle. It doesn't really show me anything that interesting about the property. So carrying on here, we're back in the living room. Okay, let's see here. I don't know where Okay, the only way that I can tell where this is right now is because I can see that the stove is in it. But a lot of people probably wouldn't pick up on that.

And so from here to here, well, sorry, from here to here. I would actually prefer having a photo that's taken from bathroom. over here in the corner so that you can see the whole space so I understand where I am in the property and then do a more zoomed in shot because again, I think it's equally important to highlight the space as much as it is to show to make sure that the guest understands the layout and sort of what it is that they're looking at what to expect when they get there.

This here is just a bad photo. Like honestly this photo is you can tell it's taken in portrait mode, not landscape mode. So that's why the photo is vertically tall, not wide. And it's just it's clearly been taken off a cell phone This is a nice like, This photo is a nice professionally done photo good lighting. Decent angle. You can tell it's been a little bit it's been edited a bit.

Whereas like this photo is just a crummy photo taken with someone's phone. This the plate this is just not that nice in here like that. The tea towels aren't really that nicely folded. They're kind of wrinkled. I don't love that at all. I hope that's the The only photo of the kitchen and again I don't think that I think that this is a wasted photo.

I think that this doesn't really help me to understand the space as much I would like to see one from the other corner of the room. So I understand the flow of the upstairs better. Now, I want to know what's down those stairs. So I don't know if this bedroom is down those stairs or this bedroom was somewhere else.

I don't know how we got to this bedroom, right so i would prefer to see that the that we actually understand where this bedroom is in the overall layout. Have some photos that kind of lead me into the bedroom as opposed to just from the kitchen to the bedroom. The photo the bedroom though is nice like the lights are on it's well lit from the window to get the right time of day. The bedding is nice.

That one throw pillows a little bit out of place but other otherwise it looks pretty good. If we go to the next one, I still don't know how I got to this bedroom from the other bedroom. But overall the comments are the same. The curtains are tied up which is typically done for cleaning. I don't like having them. like that in the photos, it just doesn't look as nice.

The bedding is pretty nicely done. I'd like to see some other throw pillows on here but it's not a huge deal. The lighting is good. I would say in the in the bathroom here nice to see that we've got the laundry in there nicely the shower curtains closed. I like that I think it looks a lot cleaner. The bathroom overall the towels are nicely folded well that again, good photo, bedroom number three again, I like that it's listed down here as well.

So I'm just there's no question about it. This is a third bedroom. Again, all the same comments pretty much like the bedding could be a bit nicer. The throw pillows could be a bit nicer. The the photo is pretty well done. I don't see a better like a necessarily a better way to get a great shot because it's just kind of a small bedroom with one little window. Not a lot of space for the photos. This is bedroom number four. Again, I still don't know where any of this stuff is in the house.

That would be good to know. Even if you just put a note on here to just say whether it's on the first or second level of the house. Just so I have a bit more of an idea, seeing that there's got the it's got the bunk beds here. I hope the next photo is going to show me what is in back here. Again, I don't know, maybe that's what's back here. I don't know. Like, again, I just don't understand the layout of the space so that would be probably my main.

Again, I just I don't understand the layout of the space Like again I just I don't understand the layout of the space that would be my number one my main complaint about this about this listing overall is I just the photos I don't understand the layout of the space. This isn't isn't great lighting. I'd prefer to have some better lighting in the back there. Just to make the space look a bit nicer ping pong table again like the lighting is just not really that great.

The photos not that fantastic. Kind of same thing here. That looks like a window that we have closed which I don't know why. aerial shot of the house. Okay. This is a much nicer exterior photo. I like that a lot more. I like the we've got it in the winter too. Got some nice winter shots. That's good. Yeah. Okay. So overall, I think the photos have a lot of room for improvement.

It's not to say they're bad overall, it's just to say that there's a lot of room for improvement. I would like to see the floor. of the place better I'd like some way better pictures of the of the kitchen for sure. Not any of the any of the like just low quality photos taken with your phone. I don't understand the layout of the of the space. I wish that that that my questions got answered about that.

And I don't know about any of the amenities like there was no close up shots of any of the amenities that would really highlight the amenities in the space like the TV, like what what we've got in the kitchen, I don't know what kind of stove we've got, I don't know what kind of appliances we have. That stuff should be largely answered in the photos in addition to in the description.

If we look at the description here, we've got a little bit of info but it's really poorly organized. I would say it's just like it's just two big blocks of information. Rather than having a properly laid out listing description that breaks it down to sections is easily digestible so that I as a guest can go and get the information that I want. exactly when I want to just like quickly go, go okay, I want to know the amenities. I want titles. I want headlines. I want bullet points. I don't want paragraphs.

To read through for example I want to know does this is a common question that I that I asked people because like this is important to me and a lot of other guests. Is there Wi Fi is there Netflix right especially if I'm going to a chalet like I want to know is there Wi Fi is there Netflix? I can go down here and I can look at Wi Fi but I want to know like is there actual good internet right and so they go here, cozy chalet located 400 meters from the multi to a ski lift.

So I'm assuming again that my that everything that we're correct that ski is good. So I do think that that's a good part to have in your headline given that it is a ski hill and that's going to be a big attraction for people in winter. Enjoy the ski resort backcountry area and snowshoe cross country trails. In summer go to the mountain bike trails, pedestrian trails in the municipal swimming pool without taking the car.

The college is very well equipped with four bedrooms and opens open space upstairs and a living room in the basement. Outside there. There's a large landscape lock with space for campfire. I have no idea what kind of amenities we've got. Right. So right off the bat, I don't know how many I only saw one bedroom, so I'm going to assume There's only one bedroom or sorry, one bathroom. Again, I can see it up here as well.

But I want to just have that confirmed here. I'd like to know what amenities the bathroom has in here because you have to remember not every user knows exactly how to go how to use Airbnb, they may miss that they've got four bedrooms and one bathroom up here. So you want to restate it down here. Like not every guest on Airbnb knows that they can look right up here for it. So make it easy for them. Right. I don't know anything about any of the amenities here.

It was one paragraph that I had to read through the whole thing to get any information, this space. It's more okay now we've got for entertainment, the living room in the basement. We'll we'll find you ping pong table games for children bar area and TV area. The bathrooms are equipped with the washer dryer as well as a bath slash shower. Okay, so now that's down here in the space, but it's in a paragraph at the end of it.

So again, I think that organizing your listing will go a long way to your listing description so that I've got all the information neatly laid out under headlines in bullet points that outline exactly which space it is exactly which amenity it is in that space. And just give me all the details.

Again, the thing I recommend, as a rule of thumb, focus on answering questions you want your guests, your potential guests have all their questions answered in this list and description here. And then again, the calendar let's look at this. Let's see how far out in advance the calendar is open up. We've got it opened up several months into the future. That's really good to see. We've got it opened up for basically a year into the future. So that's great.

I think that if you're any less than six months in the future opened up, you're really losing out on a big opportunity, especially in a place like this with a ski season where people are going to be more likely out imagine to book further in advance. So I think that has done a really good job here opening their calendar up into the future. They've got great reviews.

So again, I'm sure that they're doing a good job of hosting and this is the thing that I say about most people's most of the hosts that decide to work with us at Learn b&b and hosting accelerator that like work with Simon and I, most of the hosts that work with us are doing a really good job of hosting in the sense that they are really they have really satisfied guests people are happy.

You know, they're they're going above and beyond for their guests, but where they're lacking is in having the property actually perform well. And there's ways to have your property perform well that don't take a whole bunch of time.

And there's things you can do on a one off like just doing them one time that will lead to huge improvements in your in your listings performance, like adjusting the headline, like getting better photos in here, like updating the listing description, those sorts of things are really going to make your listing they're going to do a lot for you, they're going to give you a really, really strong return on your investment.

And then beyond that, if you want to take this to the next level. There's things you can do like updating the property to have, for example games. This looks like a great place for families to come in the winter to do some skiing to have some hot chocolate laid out for them. Probably really awesome.

So like the highlight that in your photos that you have hot chocolate there to highlight that in your photos that you've got that in your listing description that you've got that awesome, really nice selling feature to highlight that wood burning stove, have a nice picture of it actually burning some wood, give that like cozy feeling to it huge, huge opportunity there to highlight things like having some board games at the property, having a couple decks of cards to again, just make it more family friendly, because it looks like this property is really tailoring to that type of guest.

Just kind of focusing on what your guests is going to want and then delivering that to them. And those are all things that you can do without spending a ton of money. Like the most expensive thing there that I mentioned would be to get some board games and what are you going to spend on that maybe $100 to get like a bunch of board games to put in the place probably you can do it for like 20 to $50 if you if you buy them at a yard sale or something like that right.

Now suddenly you've got a couple more nice selling features to your property. You can keep on upgrading and upgrading upgrading it and you're gonna get more and more and more of a return on your investment from that those are kind of my my thoughts on this property. If you found value in this, then give me a quick like in the on the video I really do appreciate if you have a listing that you would like to be a part of this breakdown like this and have me review it, get my thoughts on it, share feedback, then just post a link to it in the comment section below.

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