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Airbnb Listing Breakdown! Hotel Studio In Quezon City

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In our latest listing breakdown, James dissects a listing from Cara of her studio in Quezon City.  Find out what is working and what is needed to optimize this property.


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In this video, I look at a listing from a viewer, Cara, and breakdown of what is good, what is bad and what she can do to improve this listing’s performance.  If you want your listing included, drop a link to it in the comments section.  

If you have seen my other videos, you know that there are three things that guests will see initially that will determine whether they click on your listing: the price, the cover photo and the deadline.  

The first thing I like to do is take a look at the headline. I like that I know that it’s a studio, has a hotel-like ambience and a little bit about the location. With location, it’s best to give more detail, such as “5 minute walk to XYZ”. If you use abbreviations, that can help you fit more into the title. 

I would say this is a good cover photo because it highlights a large amount of the space.  It may be worth testing if a photo that features the living room and the bedroom might perform better.  

The space is well decorated and looks very clean. It looks like the floors are polished to shine. The bed is just crisply made up and like everything is nice and crisp looking.  I would only include close-ups if they tell me more about the space.  You can use the photo description to answer questions with the photos.  Otherwise, I would recommend fully pulling the sofa bed out if it is not already.  I recommend doing your photography during the day as the lighting is a lot better.  

I love how the picture of the TV has Netflix on it.  That answers for me that there is a TV, Netflix, and an internet connection.  That is really well done.  

Another way to stage your photos could be some fruit on the breakfast table, set with some coffees.  This helps a guest envision themselves in the space. 

This listing has done a really good job of using the photos to answer any questions that I may have. A few things to look at is that it looks like it’s nighttime outside and I don’t understand if the bed pulls out fully or what it is.  I would also consider the order of  the photos, for example, showing the office space sooner. 

It is really great to see a nice, properly written listing description with bullet points.  As a guest, I don’t want to read large blocks of text, I am just looking to have my questions answered. I love how the location is described by giving a nice, quick and easy description of what is nearby.  It is great that you included your internet speed in the listing description.  

Normally, I would suggest splitting it into different categories based on rooms, but with a studio space, you can get away with not doing that.  However, it may be a good idea to divide it into kitchen amenities, bathroom amenities and overall unit features.  

The things listed in “Other things to Note”, I would not include them in the listing description and the house rules.  That is unnecessary, I would just include them in the house rules. 

If we go into the calendar, you can book until March 2021.  It is always best to have at least 6 months open into the future. This listing also has strong reviews overall.  

I see your response rate being 67%.  I recommend having that at 100%, meaning that everytime a guest messages, you respond to it.  Guests may not care, but it means that Airbnb will put your listing lower on the search results.  

The cancellation is a moderate cancellation policy.  With everything going on right now, I would recommend a flexible cancellation policy.  However, normally, I recommend a strict cancellation policy. 

There are a few places to improve, but overall, this is a really good listing.

There’s a free training link down below in the description of this video that will walk you through step by step what we do to make any property perform. There are tons of value in the training programs above, as we go through the processes and steps to help you optimize your property, improve as a host and manage other people’s properties effectively. 


What's up guys, my name is James and in today's video we're gonna be doing another listing breakdown. So if you're not familiar with the channel if you're new here if you haven't seen this before, I am the author of Airbnb for Dummies.

I'm an Airbnb expert, I live and breathe Airbnb and I have for a number of years now, and in this video series, basically what I do is I take your guys listings that you post in the comments below these videos, and I take them and basically do a full breakdown a listing, I share with you what I think is good, what I think is bad, what I think needs improvement, give you tips to improve the performance of your listing, so that you can go out and take things to the next level.

So that's what we're going to do in this video. We're going to jump in here shortly. Now before we get started, I just want to ask that if you if you yourself are an Airbnb host and you have a listing that you would like to see broken down on this channel like we do in this video right here. Then just post a comment down below with a link to your listing. I would love to check it out. And we might even feature it in an upcoming video where we do a listing breakdown.

Also, if you liked this video, if you get value from it, please just take books Second, I will give you a second just right now and I will ask that you just go down to the bottom right hand corner this video, click that little like button. I really appreciate it helps you out a lot with YouTube's algorithm. If you do that, that would be more than I could possibly ask you for. So just go ahead and click that like button. I'd really appreciate that.

And without further ado, let's jump in here. So this listing today that we're going to be breaking down is by a host named Cara. I think her name is Cara, it might be Kara. It might be pronounced some other way. If it is Kara if you're listening, I sincerely apologize if I'm mispronouncing your name, but I for this video, I'm going to go with Cora.

So this is basically the listing we're looking at hotel on vo studio in Carson City. I hope I pronounced that right as well. And so we're going to kind of break it down from top to bottom here.

One of the things I want to mention as well is that if anyone wants access to our full training where we gonna break down all the ins and outs all the pros and cons of different strategies How to make your property really performance maximum potential on Airbnb, then you'll want to check that down below. It's linked. There's a free training link down below in the description of this video that just is going to walk you through step by step, everything we do to make Nate properties perform any parts of the world.

Now with this listing here, the first thing that if you have watched any of my other videos, you'll know the first thing I like to do is just check out the listing headline the title of it. And that's because it's just super important when someone's searching for properties on Airbnb, they're only going to be looking at three things, decide whether they're going to click through to your listing or not, that's going to be the listing headline, the listings cover photo and your price.

And so either if any one of those three things is off, then you're leaving a lot of money on the table. I can tell you that right now. Now this is a decent listing title, I'll give it that. I think there is room for improvement for sure. But it is good. I like that it gives me studio and I'd like to give you some location. So I know a little bit of information about it.

Hopefully Hotel gives me a little bit because it's telling me that it's like a hotel like ambience at first glance I actually thought that was the name of the property because I'm hostname their property so I don't think that you'd run into that with the average guests I think that they would just think oh there's hotel like on boss that's kind of cool so I think that's good like hotel lobby or something like that that gives me an idea of what the feel of the property is.

Its definitely good to have in listing description studio in kaysville city I think that we have some more space here I don't know that in Kansas City is great I would put right downtown like don't like d t K's on city right like to give me that just a little bit more info that okay it's right in the in the heart of it or five minute walk to it like dtk zone city five minute walk to Xyz if you can fit that in with some abbreviations there, that would be good.

But overall I do think that it's a pretty good listing title because it tells me about the the feel of the space. It tells me the size of the space and tells me the location in a general sense, I think that that could be dialed in a little bit more, but overall pretty good.

cover photo. That's next we want to look at this cover photo, I would say is a good photo. I'm going to look at the rest of the photos and see if there's one that I recommend above it. But overall, it's a good photo because it highlights a large amount of the space here. So I like that. Here. Yeah, I think that's a good that's definitely a good second photo.

I would wonder whether maybe a photo that features the bedroom like a photo taken from right here in this doorway that features the living room and the bedroom, I would wonder if that might perform better as a cover photo. It's worth testing. But overall, I do think this is a good cover photo. It looks like this is a basement that doesn't have any windows or has maybe very few windows.

So I think the lighting is really really good. Most of the time I would say this lighting is bad just because I don't see any natural light coming in but it looks like that's not enough. available. And so given that it's not largely available, I think the amount of lighting in this shot is actually quite good. I think the listing itself is nice. She's clearly got a pull out couch. I think this is a fold down couch by the looks of it. So that's good. That's a nice use of the space.

I think that overall the use of the space is good. The decor is good. It's nice and kind of monochrome. I like that. I think it does look very clean. It looks like the floors are polished to shine. So I really like that. Yeah, good use of the space. Here. I like that The bed is just crisply made up like everything is just really nice and crisp looking that I think looks really good. It looks very clean. I like this shot. Another shot pretty much the same close up.

Yeah, I think that's good. I would probably put this a little bit further further out in the in the shots just because this one doesn't really give me any information. Like it doesn't tell me anything more about the actual space. prefer close up shots to actually answer a question for me. So for example, give me a close up shot of the gas range stove tells me that there's a gas range stove.

This just tells me that there's an alarm clock, which I probably don't really care about giving more context and those would be better. This is cool because I think that this this basically pulls out another bed, but it doesn't. I don't know if that's a single bed or a double bed as a guest.

I'd probably be questioning that I would want more information putting this down below. Putting the kind of the answer that question down below in the in the photo description would be good. Otherwise, I would recommend I'd recommend pulling it out fully if it's not already fully pulled out. Now, now I do have a challenge with you because there It looks like the blinds are closed here and it looks like it's nighttime outside.

You should be doing your photography during the day because it looks like it looks like there actually is that one window there. I highly recommend doing the photoshoot during the day. Always, always, always, always the lighting is just a whole lot better. Here, we've got that couch it, okay, this is something that I very, very rarely see people do, right?

Having your picture of your TV with Netflix pulled up answers to questions at once it tells me that you have a TV, it tells me that you have Netflix. And then it also answers the third question, which is do you have internet here? Love that. I absolutely love that. That is exactly what you should do in your photos to communicate answers to the guests question like that is a perfect example of it there. I think that's really, really really well done. So that's awesome.

This gives you a nice little photo of the breakfast nook. One suggestion I would have to improve on this. This is not a great photo, it's a little bit blurry. I don't like that it's portrait mode rather than being landscape. It's taller vertical than it is wide. I don't like that. Generally in photos and the fact that there's nothing on the on the table here like it could be sad.

With a laptop to show you can do some work here could be set with some fresh fruit it could be set with some coffees something to just kind of set the mood for me a little bit better would be nice. It's I know it's above and beyond. I know it's not necessary but it is nice and nice as a bonus. Another photo here of the living space, the bathroom here again, I rather this be mixed in with the other shots.

I don't think this is super important because it doesn't really answer any questions for me. I guess it answers that there's some cotton swabs and some q tips. So it's not it's not bad to have, but not not super necessary. And I would probably show this after showing the actual bathroom itself.

Shower Good shot, I think that you've done a good job in here of what I would imagine is a pretty small space just given the rest of the space just making it look larger getting the right angles to highlight the whole space. That's good. Yeah, this is really good. I like this. Yeah, all the all the towels are nicely neatly folded and rolled up under there. It's very clean. Well done. The little workspace here I like as well. I can see that that's right at the foot of the bed.

There's a little workspace there. That's really cool. I like you've got a wardrobe for me to put my clothing in. That's good. Little refrigerator there. I want to Okay, perfect. Okay, so again, you've got a nice a nice photo that shows a couple of amenities answers my questions. Yes, there chef's knives here. Yes, there is a burner to cook like a burner to cook my food on.

Yes, there's a rice cooker. Yes, there's a microwave. That answers a lot of my questions there. So that's really good. Another close up shot. I love that answers my questions. You've got the utensils on the I'll be able to do some cooking here. We've got a little dishwasher. Amazing another great answer to the question. And I think for these like yeah, this is a this is a portrait photo rather than being landscape.

And it's not like by any means an amazing photo, but it is like it does the job. So for these I think it's a lot less important when you're doing these kind of question answering photos. I call them that your photos be fantastic. It's less important that that be true. Because you're just it's really just about answering the question that guest is potentially as in their head.

Overall, I think Kara's done a really good job of the photos. The my one complaint is that it looks like it's nighttime outside. So I don't love that the bed I don't understand if this I don't quite know if this pulls out fully or what it does. So that question I still have this I don't know if this folds down or not, I'm assuming that it doesn't based on your photos. If it does, then you should have a picture of it folded down and done up as a bed.

Otherwise, I think you've done a really great job. Honestly, I think this is just some really good photos. And then as far as the order of them, I would probably kind of move a little bit more quickly through to get to to showing me the bedroom to get to show me the office space, that kind of thing, but overall pretty good. Yeah, and then if we move down here, it looks like we've got Yeah, so we do have three beds.

So the fact we have three beds. I will Want to see a picture of this folded out because most people are not going to pick up on that. So that's a really big a really big opportunity there I recommend it. One queen bed one double bed one sofa bed. So this is a queen and a double I want to see it like I want to see in this photo queen size bed and description in this photo over here.

I want to see queen sized bed with double bed that pulls out from underneath it in the description here and I want it I want to see this fully pulled out into a double bed so that that's what I'd recommend that we move down here. Oh my gosh, I feel like I it's been so long because I've seen a nice properly bullet pointed listing description. I love that.

The fact that it's not just a big blob, just a big paragraph that I now have to sift through to get any of the information that I want. I can't tell you how grateful I am for that. I look at this through the through the eyes of a guest I don't want to read that Through a paragraph I'm not here to read a novel to figure out the answers to the questions I need answered to book your place.

I want to know like bullet point, give me the highlight reel of what your fit your place has so that I can just clearly look at it and see exactly what I need to need to know. Spacious hotel like studio unit, situated in the heart of his own city. The unit has a great view of the city walking distance to groceries, cafes, bars, restaurants and transportation. Love that.

That's great. It's nice and clean, nice and quick, easy. vows a great view of the city I would like to see that in the photos is one thing I'd like to note. This space. This 32 square meter studio unit is designed over hotel like obvious unit features. Full bed luxury mattress and bedding with pullout bed 30 megabit per second fiber internet. I love that you have your internet speed right in the listing description.

More people need to do that if you don't do that you need to people care about internet speed like almost as much as they care about running water nowadays. So it's important Have that that's really really good to have given the specs on your TV 55 inch HD Smart TV with Netflix and YouTube ready 40 plus a few channels love that again it's just super easy for me to find that blackout curtain slash blinds love that sofa bed love that.

Like it just given me all the information that I need every answer to the question I need. Now normally I would recommend splitting this into multiple different categories to say bedroom, one bedroom, two kitchen living room. This is a studio space, you can kind of get away with it.

I think it would be a little bit better to have it broken down still into like kitchen amenities, bathroom entities, overall unit features because you've got the space, why not use it, to just give them all the information they need and make sure it's organized as well as possible. But with it being a studio unit and you kind of get all the information you need to communicate it very quickly and easily and one sort of set of bullet points. I don't think it's a big deal.

induction cooker is available upon request and can only be used for long stays. Airport pickup available with a fee. Yeah, love this. Guest Access access. Yeah. lobby free Wi Fi. What's the deal with? I'm assuming that this has Wi Fi in it and that you're just also knowing there's a lobbyist free app free Wi Fi. Again, the, the the the bullet points here are phenomenal. I think the bullet points are what you always should be using in your lesson description.

This is really good jogging pass. Okay. For smooth check in, please send me a free list of guests names and valid IDs for each user looking for the check in late check out Dan, thanks for the smoking. I don't I wouldn't actually put these things in. Yeah, this this one point. I wouldn't put in the end.

The other things to note. This shouldn't be in your house rules which the guest explicitly has to agree to they have to check that They agreed to it on upon booking. So this thing can come I can kind of come off the wrong way when it's in the list plus the description, it can come off as a bit like nickel and dime me a little bit too strict, and it's just not necessary. So I wouldn't recommend having it here, though I would recommend keeping it in your in your listing to stir in your house rule sorry.

Now if we go down here, again, I always like to kind of skip over the amenities because I just assume that people are checking off the right amenities. If you're not checking off all the amenities that you have, you need to go and do that. And then if we go into the calendar, let's see here, how long how far into the future, can I book this place? I always recommend at least six months in the future, being able to book the place which it looks like we can.

So that's really good. We can book until March 2021. So that's really good till the end of February. That's good, don't ever. My recommendation is to never block off your calendar for any more than six months. You always want to open at least six months into the future. Because otherwise people can't book far into the future and you Leaving opportunity on the table 4.81 out of 103 reviews. That's good. So that's like, I'd be pretty happy with that.

Let me see here. Yeah, yeah, their views look good overall, I think that's strong. That's a good, good thing to have. And then we've got basically the location here. If there are any other like any other attractions as close to I think that would be good to put as well. And then you see response rate being 67%.

I recommend improving that I recommend that you should have 100% response rate every single time that a guest messaged you, you need to respond to it to keep your response rate high. Because although like no one's really going to care if they get to this and see that your response rate 67% but Airbnb cares and they are docking you on your booking, their docking your listing there, you're going to be showing up lower in the search results because of this.

So you need to get that response. rate higher up. And then what do we got here? cancellation policy. Seven Days of force we've got a, we've got like a moderate cancellation policy with everything going on right now. We're June 1 of 2020 everything going on right now I'd recommend switching this to flexible. However, in a normal environment like normal everyday, I recommend having it strict. So that's something to keep in mind.

Let me see. Yeah, that's basically that's my review. That's my thoughts like overall really good listing. There are few room a few places where I see room for improvement, updating the headline a little bit to improve it potentially trying another cover photo, I think reorganizing the photos a little bit. Yeah, honestly, though, really good listing.

Yeah, I think some of the main things would be those beds, like just making sure because if you're if you're trying to get if you're trying to have your appeal to groups of three individuals who don't necessarily want to sleep together that's like this is a really good listing for it's very affordable. And it'd be very comfortable for three people to stay here who don't want to sleep in the same beds.

But if I'm just looking at it as as an inexperienced guest on Airbnb, and I don't know to look right here, then there's no way I'm really going to figure that out. I can maybe come down here and figure it out. But it's still it's going to be a fair bit of work, I would recommend having the photos of it. So that's just really, really clear exactly what the layout is all that.

If any of you guys have a listing that you want me to do a breakdown on and a video like this, then just post a link to it in the comment section below. And I will get that done. I'll do the listing breakdown. I would love to just kind of dissect it. I think these videos are really cool.

People seem to like them. I think it's a great way for you to learn how you can improve your performance on Airbnb says leave me a comment down below with a link to your listing. And then we'll do a breakdown video just like this one if we choose to do one on your listing and otherwise if you want the like full in depth training, if you Want to become a top performing host on Airbnb you want to, you know, shave a whole bunch of time off your learning curve.

You just want everything given to you step by step exactly how to do it exactly how to create your listing, create your photos, get the best photos, pricing optimization, guest check in slps like literally everything from start to finish, and you want over $1,000 in savings on Airbnb related products and services, and you want bonus training like all this stuff, check out the free training link below, we give you an insane amount of value really focused on just helping as many hosts as possible to become top performers in their area and do it in a way where they still really love hosting and they have a lot of ease with it.

So again, if you haven't already checked that out, I highly highly, highly recommend checking out the free training that is linked down below. Check that out. And then if you want to see more of these videos, more videos like this, then let me know give me a thumbs up give me a thumbs up on the video just give it a like and subscribe to the channel so you can keep up to date with all of our upcoming videos. Until next time, I will see you in the next video


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