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Listing Breakdown! Cool Indonesian Villa

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In our latest in this series, I breakdown a listing from one of our viewers, René, who submitted the listing for his villa in Canggu, Indonesia.  Find out below why I think this listing is fantastic!


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If you have a listing that you would like me to do a full breakdown, like the one in this video, post a link to your listing in the comment section below. 

I like this headline for a few reasons.  Saying it has art and design is interesting to your target guest.  Villa is also a great way to describe it, rather than as an apartment or house.  The location is also well described.  This headline really gives a lot of information.  

The next thing is the cover photo, which is beautiful.  It showcases a big, open concept living space with a pool in the background.  Everything about it screams “cover photo” to me. 

With plus listings, you can see the property overview at the top here.  Scrolling through the photos, I love the design and the artwork.  Something that is sometimes lacking on Airbnb that you will see in hotels, is that things are thoughtfully and intentionally designed.  However, this listing really nailed it.  

Looking at the photos of the kitchen, I am glad that there is a closer up shot that features the gas stove, since that is a nice feature.  So, any features or amenities that you have, make sure there is a photo that highlights that feature.  

You can use your captions to really say what exactly is in the photo. You can also use captions to describe the space and help me understand the flow of the space. The captions can also help differentiate between the different bedrooms and bathrooms (i.e. Master Bedroom, Bedroom 2, etc.).  

There are three things the photos need to accomplish: showcase the space, help me envision myself staying there, and answering any question that your guest may have before booking. 

Overall, the photos are really well done.  They are laid out really well and are staged nicely, (i.e. setting the table with dishes), that would really help me picture myself staying here.  They are also taken at the right time of day to take advantage of the natural light.  I would give the photos a 9/10!  The only room for improvement that I see is adding some captions to give a bit more clarity.  

Moving on to the listing description, I always recommend that you want to list your amenities.  With the plus listing, we are going to have a bunch of amenities listed, so it is not as necessary.  However, there are some things that you’re not going to have listed here that you might want guests to be aware of, i.e. if you have Netflix or know your internet speed. I would have an intro to a plus listing like you have here that will catch a guest’s attention.

One thing I would be a little bit concerned about is that I almost did not read this description at all, because I thought it was going to be in a different language after seeing that the first two words were “Dine alfresco” and then I saw “Meiwenti”.  I would consider reworking that so that it is a little more obvious that the listing description is written in English. 

This is a great intro because it suits the space.  For others that have a less unique space, you basically want an intro that is going to capture attention and give some key details about the space.  Then you want to break it down into bullet form lists for each space and what amenities it has.  In this listing, for example, it is hard to find the size of the beds.  I would put that in the captions of the photos or very obviously in the listing description. 

I also recommend that owners read their guests’ reviews, especially the best ones, and see what people mention in the reviews.  See why they stayed in that listing and make sure those aspects show up first and foremost in your listing.  

Overall, René, you have done a fantastic job on this listing.  Congratulations!  

We also have links above to all of our free training around Airbnb hosting and Airbnb property management, so be sure to check those out.  We also have our book coming out, Airbnb for Dummies, which will be released on August 4, 2020, but you can pre-order at the link above. 


What's up guys, it's James here and in today's video, we're going to do another Airbnb listing breakdown, where I'm going to dive into a, one of our viewers listings on Airbnb that was submitted in the comment section. So if you have a listing on Airbnb that you'd like me to do a full breakdown of like the one in this video, then just go ahead and post a link to your listing in the comment section below. And I would love to check it out and feature it in an upcoming video.

And so for this video, we're gonna dive in here, I'm just going to do a full breakdown and walk through some of the pros, some of the cons of this Airbnb listing that was submitted by a host named Rene. So we jump over here onto the computer, you can see so this is a really cool space. It's in Indonesia. It's hosted by Rene, he's a viewer of the channel. And so Rene basically sent this over to me I want to just basically do a breakdown as you can see us an Airbnb plus and it looks like a pretty stunning property, by the way, as well.

One thing I want to mention is that I'm also I recently my girlfriend and I will went and visited one of our one of the properties that we've done a breakdown on. And we did a further breakdown actually staying in the listing. So if you have a listing that you'd like us to come to your place and actually do a full breakdown of the listing a full detailed overview of all the best features of your listing, then feel free to reach out to me as well. Let me know and I would love to do that for you as well.

So we jump in here, we look at this a cool Villa with art and design, quiet, quiet area mil of kangaroo, that's the listing headline, that's where we're gonna start. So I actually really, really liked this listing headline for a few different reasons. You're giving some descriptive words that's cool, which I think is is something that would be interesting to the target person that would be bucking this just by looking at it. It is very cool. It's a good descriptive word.

I think it's just an accurate descriptive word that would be attractive. me as someone who's going and traveling in Indonesia. I'm thinking yeah, somewhere cool is exactly what I'm looking for. As opposed to somewhere quiet or somewhere convenient. I want some more cool stuff. I think that's a really good descriptive word to use. As silly as it may sound to pick out something as small as that. Villa i think is a great name for it.

Rather than calling it an apartment, rather than calling it a home calling it a village just gives it that extra bit of room with art and design, quiet area, middle of kangaroo, I think this is really good because it tells you the area is quiet. So you get to be relaxed, you get, you know, not a lot of noise. And it tells you that middle of kangaroo, which is the, the city that it's in, and so it tells you it's centrally located as well. So already just in this headline, I've gotten an abundance of information, right. I've gotten so many details about this listing just from the headline.

And so if I'm searching through the search results on Airbnb, then I'm going to see that and I'm going to get a ton of info and that's going to cause me to click. The next thing I want to see is this this cover photo. Now this cover photo is stunning. I think that there's I haven't looked at the rest of the listing photos yet. But I imagine this is a perfect cover photo.

If there's a more stunning photo, I'm going to say hey, maybe we can try that one but already This showcases a big huge open concept living space with a pool in the background. You know outdoor space is nice and sunny, it's the proper time of the day. Everything about this screams cover photo to me. So I think that this is probably going to be a really good idea that we've got the cover photo here is this one.

And then nice thing about plus listings is that you can kind of go and you've got the property overview up at the top here so you can scan to different places but let's just go ahead and scroll through these photos. So if I go here, that's a great photo really cool. I also love the design here. I love the artwork, the different colors everything matches very nicely so it's very thoughtfully designed as you would expect an Airbnb plus listing to be we go over here that's beautiful piece of the glass on top of the wood there the nice raw timber I think that's beautiful.

And then the again like the the the lamps here just go really nicely with everything. This shot as well the way that it frames this nice garden this greenery i think is beautiful. Honestly, I would love to stay in this listing looks absolutely stunning, really beautiful. The color up top here and the color that's kind of carried throughout again, that's just part of Airbnb plus is that they're all thoughtfully designed.

And I think that's one thing that a lot of space on Airbnb are sometimes lacking that you get in other places like hotels, where it's just thoughtful the way everything's put together. It's very intentionally designed, and I think this is really just nailed it. We've got a charcoal barbecue over there, we've got a nice shot of the kitchen, we've got a nice shot of some of the amenities in the kitchen. I like that we've got a nice big sink.

Now one thing perfect, I was literally just gonna say one thing I would look for is I can see there's a gas range stove over there. And so one thing that I would look for is that we'd have a nice closer up shot of it because it's kind of in the background over here, but that's a nice feature. Like for me, I love to have a gas burner stove whenever I can. And so I love that we have now a nice shot that really features it so that you can see it very clearly that's what we've got there. I think that's really important.

And for any other hosts who are watching, make sure that any fee Like that any amenities that you have you have a photo that really highlights some to answer those questions for guests as they go through the the photos. Now again, the other thing that I love is that we've got this photo that does the same thing. You can see that this is it looks like some kind of water filtration, perhaps not sure exactly what that is. So I think a caption under the photo to say what exactly that is, would be helpful here.

But otherwise, we've got all the different dishes that we've got. So I can see okay, there's wine glasses, there's nice glasses, there's cops there everything you need. You've got a coffeemaker. That's awesome. So now I have that detail. I didn't have to go and look in the listing description to know that there's a coffee maker, I just have that question answered.

There's dish soap, there's hand soap, all that stuff, just questions being answered. And that's really what the photos are all about is showcasing the space helping me to envision myself staying there and then answering all the potential questions that I have. That's the three things that I always recommend people aim to do in their photos. So here we go.

Here's another great shot just highlights another space in here again. Really thoughtfully put together here, just another living space it looks like. And then we've got looks like this. Now that's really cool. I like that this, you've done a good job of showing me I can very easily map that this TV. And this space here is the same as this TV in this space here. So I know this is actually a bedroom.

This is just a great big bedroom with a big couch in it, and a beautiful awning over top of the bed. So that's very, very cool. And then again, just another photo to really showcase that. I think that's really well done. Now we're into another bedroom here with some really cool artwork. Some really, really cool headdress there. That's really interesting. I think again, that's just really beautiful, really cool, opens up to the pool, great job of highlighting that feature here. Every room has its unique artwork.

So again, I think that using captions is really great to answer some more questions, I would recommend putting it in here over here. I don't really know what I'm looking at for these first two photos. I think I'm looking at a second living room like I mentioned. So putting in here master bedroom with great big living space or with a lot Large living space, that would be really helpful for me. So recommend doing that. leveraging those captions some more throughout the listing, that would be one recommendation I have here.

And then we've got more another bedroom here it looks like because this one you can see the pink headdress, I would I would just differentiate because it's it's a little bit you wouldn't quite catch on this another bedroom if you weren't paying a lot of attention. So I would put bedroom number three here, just the people are very well aware. And then we've got I don't know if this is bedroom three or four, it looks like bedroom four. So again, I would just really differentiate that in the caption so that people are really clear on that.

I know that with the plus listing it is spread out on the top, but if I'm just browsing through the photos like I am now it's not as obvious. The bathroom beautiful. The towels are nicely laid out. The toiletries are nicely laid out, laid out again. It just tells me Yeah, you've got everything that you need at the property, all the amenities are there. So overall, yeah, really, really well done and a beautiful space, obviously. Now Okay, we've got more towels.

I think this is a different bathroom. But again like I just want some captions to tell me Is this a second bathroom? Is this the same as the first bathroom? What's the deal here is one of them in on sweet is it not, that kind of information would be really, really helpful. So, but going here, then, now I'm looking here and I'm seeing a great big dining room really beautiful, love the table, love the decor. And I think overall, the photos This is really great.

I think this is really, really good. This is one that we often see people miss. Like I said, one of those three goals of the photos is to help guests to envision themselves in the space. And so by doing this and setting the table nicely with all the dishes, nice, some nice fresh flowers in a vase there. That really helps me to envision myself staying in this space, it's less of just a cold space. Now obviously this place with all the artwork and everything, you'd never describe it as cold, but by just setting it up, it's it helps me to see it as a space that I would actually go and eat in and live in. As opposed to just a cool space in general.

So I think that's a really, really, really, really great idea for anyone is to set the place up so that people can envision themselves living in it. I have no idea what this is, is this outside is a bedroom, I have no idea. So that would be really helpful to have a good caption on. Same thing here. I don't know what space this is. It looks like it's an outdoor space, but again, a little bit confusing. So I recommend having some captions to just give more clarity on that beautiful shot of the pool. Again, all these listing photos are taken at the right time of day.

It's nice and bright out we've got tons of natural light. So that's a huge plus as well. That bike looks like it's just decorative. And then let me see here. Yeah, beautiful photo, another beautiful photo that highlights the the the lounge chairs outside. So all in all, I'm giving the photos a really high rating like we're talking nine out of 10 1010 photos. Honestly, the only room for improvement that I've seen so far would be just adding Some better captions to the photo. So there's a little bit more clarity on what it is that I'm looking at exactly.

Now, here, let's go ahead and let's try to see more about the listing. So we've got Dino fresco with a roof overhead and a huge open air living space filled with cool art, no problem philosophy. So I think that's cool. But do we have more details about the listing and its amenities is what I want to know. Because I always recommend in the listing description you want to show so yeah, with the plus listing, we're going to have a bunch of amenities listed all here, so it's not as necessary.

However, there are some things that you're not going to have listed here that you might want guests to be aware of like it. For example, if you have Netflix, you know your internet speed, for example, that would be a good thing to show. Things that would be important to potential guests that maybe aren't shown in the amenity section in Plus, I would put in your listing description. So this is a nice intro to list. Some description and I recommend having an intro like that that just kind of catches people's attention.

One thing I'd be a little bit a little bit concerned about is that I almost didn't, I almost didn't read this description at all because I thought that it was going to be in a different language, because the first two words were dying Alfresco. And then I just saw this word, me wente. And it wasn't until I like kind of inspected it further that I realized it was in fact written in English, and it was just, it was just written a little bit differently.

And there was just one word that was a native word, I would maybe rework that a little bit just so it's a little bit more obvious it is written in English, and no one grazes over that accidentally, however, it is a really good, I love that you're talking about the philosophy of the house, because it suits it very well. Now, for other people that have less of a unique space like this, then you just want to basically have an intro that's going to capture attention, give them some of the key things that they'll want to know about the space.

And then you really want to break down into bullet form list each space and what amenities it has. So you Break down that the the master bedroom has a king bed and it has a TV and it has Netflix and it has this and that the other thing and then go through each rooms meticulously and do that. And also just show all those different amenities. I would love to see that in the in the photos as well just some description of Hey, Master Bedroom with a with a king size bed just so again, I have those details here.

Because again, I know that you can find those things. There's somewhere here you can see Yeah, you can see four bedrooms, you can see four beds, you can see four baths, and I'm sure somewhere on the listing I'm not as familiar with plus listings, but I'm sure somewhere here you'll be able to see the exact sizes of the beds, but not everyone's going to know where to look for them. I don't even know where to look exactly on a plus listing to find the sizes of the beds.

Here we go look at this. So we can see the sleeping arrangements here but I would just love to see that in a in a separate in the listing description where it's super easy to find super obvious, or putting it in the also in the captions for the photos. So again, it's just super easy to find super obvious there. So over All I would say is is really, really strong.

And then again, the one thing I always recommend people do is just really read through your guests reviews, read through the best ones, the strongest ones and see what people are talking about in the guest reviews, what they mentioned, what they rave about, and really make sure that those show up first and foremost in your listing. So if it's really great for families, then you'd want to really target your listing headline and your listing description towards families, etc.

Overall, Renee, you have done a fantastic job. This is a beautiful listing and you've done a really, really good job with it. So congratulations. Well, well done. Again, for anyone else watching if you want me to do a full listing breakdown on your listing, like I've done here, go into detail, but any room for improvement, what's good, what maybe needs improving, just post a comment down below with a link to your listing, I'd love to check it out and do a full listing breakdown like this one.

Also, like I mentioned, I'm also going to be traveling to a few listings once the borders open back up and I'm going to be going and doing some full in person reviews of property. So if you ever you'd like me to come by in person, stay there, check it out and give some feedback. And also just post a video highlighting the different features and listing again, let me know reach out and I would love to do that as well. And then the only other thing that I would say is if you're new to the channel here, subscribe to the channel, like this video, just give it a quick second and take a quick second and give it a quick thumbs up.

If you liked this video. If you got value from it, subscribe to the channel if you want to get access to more videos as we post them. We post two new videos every single week. And then also just considered comment. If you have any questions, any thoughts you want to share with me, I would love that I'd love to hear from you. We've also got links down below to all of our free training around Airbnb hosting, how to set up a great listing how to optimize your listing how to become a top performing host. all that fun stuff is all put in detail in in our trainings so you can access that below.

We've also got a free training for people who want to manage properties on Airbnb and earn a full time income doing that so you can check out that free training down below. And then as always, we've also got our booked down there, Airbnb for dummies which you can pre order now it's releasing on August 4 of 2020. So I hope you've enjoyed this video and I will see you in the next one.


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