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The Most Valuable Amenities for Airbnb (Business Focused)

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When listing an Airbnb, you have to think about who will be staying there. That’s what we call the avatar. In today’s video, I outline six amenities that give the best ROI if you have a property that caters to business or work travelers. 


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When creating a listing, you always want to think of your avatar. That’s the basic version of who will be staying at your property. Answer, “Would my avatar like this?” for everything you do.

Check out my other videos for a discussion on what amenities are high ROI for family-centered properties.

Today is for property managers or short term rental investors with places geared towards business travel. Usually these are condos, apartments, or small homes near cities.

It’s highly unlikely someone traveling alone for business will want board games the way a family would.

It has to be valuable to the avatar, to the guests, before it’s valuable to add.

I go over six very specific, different ideas to that are high ROI for these guests.

They are from two main categories: what to do inside and what to do in the city.

The first few are amenities you need to have IN the place. Typically there won’t be a yard. So everything will be inside the property.

Then, of course, we discuss things you can do and add that don’t take any money at all. They only take time.

Sometimes, the personal touches go the furthest.

I share all these things in the video.  


What's up guys, James here and in today's video, I'm gonna be talking about the best highest ROI amenities that you can add to your Airbnb property. If your property is specifically catered more so to business or work travelers, so in another video, I've kind of broken down the best amenities to add to a family oriented listing. In this video, we're going to really be focusing on business oriented listings. So think about the condos or the apartments or the small properties that are kind of in a in a major urban center, where there's mostly going to be urban travel, and mostly kind of business travel going towards those listings. And it's really important to make this distinction because as I talked about in our previous video, what amenities you're going to want to add to your listing and which ones are going to make the most sense from an ROI perspective, are really going to depend on the type of person traveling to your property, because ultimately, if it's not valuable to them, then it's not valuable at all to you to add those listings. So let's go ahead and talk about and before we do, I just want to remind you guys that whether you are interested in investing in properties, and actually purchasing vacations, purchasing Airbnb properties, and building cashflow, and long term wealth or doing that, or you're interested in building a full time income, managing other people's properties on Airbnb, you know, managing properties or percentage management fee without investing any any money into buying, renting or furnishing any properties, you want to start from scratch and build a nice business. There are two different free trainings that are linked in the description down below for whichever path you want to take. Now my background, I've got experience with both of those models. So I started out managing other people's properties on Airbnb and build a full time six figure income doing that. So if you want to learn from my experience, and all the trials and tribulations of that, then just check out the link in the description down below to access that free training so that you can get started immediately. And we're gonna give you some tools to help you do so later on. I also started investing in short term rental property. So I've got a fair bit of experience with that now as well. I've been in this space for over six years. And I'm the co author of Airbnb for dummies. So definitely know a thing or two when it comes to short term rentals. So again, if you are interested in investing in that amazing asset class of vacation rentals, Airbnb properties, then just check out the link in the description down below. There's another training there that will show you our three step process for how to successfully invest in short term rental properties. With all that out of the way, let's go ahead and start talking about the best amenities to add for business travelers. And hopefully, whether you're managing or investing in or you already are hosting properties on Airbnb, you can use these tips to improve your listing. So the first thing and then probably the most important thing for business travelers is going to be making that investment into a premium internet package. So I like to spend generally about 100 to $150 per month on internet for any listing that is going to be oriented towards business travel. Now, obviously in different areas is going to be different cost. But I usually like to go for about a gigabit up upload speeds, or gigabit download speeds, I forget which one it is, but I like to go for like the gigabit package. Now this is going to depend as well on what's available in your area. But don't be afraid to shy away from spending that extra money, especially as the world opens up a lot more to remote work. Personally speaking, I travel a lot and work remotely often. And one of the number one things that I look for when I'm doing that in the place to stay is the speed of the Internet. So what you'll want to do is actually make that investment into upgrading your internet recommend that really, really strongly, because from my experience, it is going to pay off really well by getting your additional bookings and getting you some longer term bookings, because people will actually be able to stay and work there. Now the other thing that you want to do along with that is advertise the fact that it's got really high speed internet so you can even put your internet speed in your title, you can add a picture of the Internet Speed Test in your listing photos, you can input your your internet speed actually into Airbnb now. And you can actually run a speed test through Airbnb if you're at the property so that the verified internet speed on Airbnb is platform, there's a reason they're building this out so that people can more easily identify really high internet speed properties. It's because they are in demand. So that is my number one recommendation for business travel properties. Now my second recommendation for any kind of business travel oriented properties is going to be to just spend a couple extra dollars on stocking the property with some nice coffee and or tea. Now, I usually recommend just going with a standard drip coffeemaker for most listings, just because especially if you are welcoming multiple people in a group, then K cups and these little things are going to be a little bit less practical for a bunch of people that want to have coffee. So a larger coffee pot is gonna be less expensive, and it's gonna be more practical for those larger groups. But in this case where you are catering more towards business travelers, I actually would recommend getting an instant coffeemaker Tassimo, a Keurig, whatever that might be, and spending that little bit of extra money to buy that slightly more expensive machine and the slightly more expensive cups that go along with it. Because ultimately, that's just gonna be a really nice amenity for business travelers to have. I think you'll be surprised by how few people actually really Take advantage of it and use a whole bunch, it's not really going to cost you a tremendous amount extra. But having that amenity and also obviously advertising it highlighting that in your listing, especially in the photos, where people are actually going to see it, that is going to provide a really great return. Now other things that you can look at are streaming services like Netflix, which can be really nice for a business traveler once they get back, and they're probably just going to get back there and kind of hang out at the property at the end of the day, they relax a bit Netflix can be really nice for that. You can also invest in honestly, you know, really, really quick and easy one is just invest the time, not even the money into a really nice guidebook that properly highlights different restaurants, because let's face it, if someone's coming in on business, they're probably not going to go out grocery shopping and do their own groceries and cook meals, they're probably going to be eating out. So being able to give them really great recommendations for places to eat and doing putting a little more effort into it than just Googling nice places to eat near there. But actually going and giving your own personal recommendations and a variety of them, that's going to again go a long way. Also giving them proper instructions for how to access transit, things like that are
going to be really important. So anything that you can do to really just make the stay more convenient. Any amenity I should say that you can add to do that. But really, it doesn't have to be an amenity that you're spending a lot of money on, it can just be a guidebook can just be a set of instructions that makes their state more convenient. So those are my biggest recommendations. Other ones that I think are kind of go without saying in most cases, but I will just kind of give people a general reminder of is having a really nice, comfortable bed. It's especially important with business travelers, because again, they're going to be tired at the end of the day. It's not like they're relaxing and just kind of hanging out like a lot of other vacation rental guests are going to be these guests in particular are going to be well rested, they're going to be want to be fresh. So some blackout curtains can be really a really nice amenity to add really nice comfortable bed really nice comfortable bedding, you can add in some toiletries, as well, just in case they forgot, there's some little toiletries that can go a long way. So anything like that can be a really nice value add, just think about the things that a business traveler is going to be looking for, and things that might occur when they're traveling. So hey, maybe they will forget their toiletries really nice just have, you know, a couple of dollars worth of extra toiletries there for them, maybe an extra toothbrush there just in case they forgot. There's those sorts of things just again, going that extra mile. So if the guest has those amenities available to them, if they do end up needing them. So I hope you got value from this video. Hope you enjoyed it. If you did, make sure you hit that like button. So you can like the video, it really helps us support the channel as we grow it. And then also just make sure you check out the links in the description down below for those free trainings. And we're also going to give out some free tools along with those trainings to help you actually grow your business, whether you're focusing on investing or you're focusing on managing properties for other people. Last but not least, make sure you subscribe to the channel so you can stay up to date we post two new videos every single week. So make sure you subscribe to the channel so you can stay up to date with that. With all that being said, I hope you have a fantastic rest of your day and I'll see you in the next video.


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