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Making 6 figures managing Airbnb properties IS possible. Find out the 3 things you need in your business to succeed! 


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Today I want to talk about the three magical pieces that you need to have in your Airbnb management business if you want to succeed. It’s possible to build a business making 6 figures, with consistent monthly income with predictability, and there’s a way to set this business up to give you real freedom and flexibility and not doing everything yourself. The first thing you must have for your Airbnb business to succeed is what I call an irresistible offer. You need to really hone in on your offer, define it more, and position it in a way where it resonates with your ideal customer, or your ideal property owner that you want to work with.

As an example, imagine you decide to work with the niche of vacation homeowners. The offer that you present to them is going to be different than the type of service you would offer real estate investors. Generally, vacation homeowners are going to care a lot more about the quality of the guests, the maintenance and upkeep of the property, while a real estate investor is going to prioritize the overall returns of the property and the minimal amount of communication and work on their part. So in order to create your irresistible offer, you’re going to want to have a deep understanding of the pain points your clients face and what solutions they are looking for. From there, you just need to craft an offer that solves those problems effectively, and then it is a no brainer for that property owner to work with you. In the free training that’s linked below, you’ll be able to see more examples and go more into depth about how to do that.

 The second key component you need to succeed in your business is client attraction. If you have an amazing irresistible offer, you need a consistent and dependable way to get it out in front of people so you can set up a meeting with them and discuss managing their property. First off, it’s imperative that you are consistent. And ideally, you want it to cost as little as possible. If you can bring on clients for free, what I call organic attraction methods, versus Facebook ads, Google ads, any types of paid ads, then that’s incredible. Again, in the free training, we are going to look at some really successful methods of client attraction that are effective, consistent, and predictable, but also free. 

The third key is to have automation and outsourcing. Because even if we can be making a substantial monthly income, let’s say $15,000 a month. But what we also want to have is freedom and flexibility to control our own schedule and not be chained to the business. This means you have systems in place so that once the properties are on board, the actual day to day management takes care of itself. The properties are still making large returns, the cleanings are getting completed, the maintenance is getting done, but you are not the person doing it. There are different softwares that are available that we can implement to help processes happen seamlessly and smoothly without our inputs. That can automate tasks like guest messaging, your pricing strategy, the scheduling of your cleaning teams. None of these things happen overnight, but with consistent time and effort, it is possible. 


What's up guys, it's James here and in today's video, I want to talk to you about the three keys, the three magical pieces that you need to have in your business if you want to succeed managing properties on Airbnb, and what I mean by succeed is build this business to six figures, and be earning consistent monthly income with predictability, and how it be set up so that you're not running around like a chicken with your head cut off doing absolutely everything yourself, and that you have a business that actually gives you real freedom. That's probably the most important part of all of it. Because after all, a lot of us most of us, I believe, start businesses, because we want to have more freedom, we want to have more flexibility. And so you want to make sure that you set your business up to give you exactly that. So in today's video, I'm going to go over the three keys to make sure that your business is set up in exactly that way. So you can have a business that provides you a great monthly income and a tremendous amount of freedom and flexibility.

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So let's just dive right into it. Let's start with key number one, the first thing you have to make sure you have in order to have a really successful b&b management business is what I call an irresistible offer. Now your irresistible offer is going to be the actual offer that you have for your clients. And you might think well, obviously James is just going to be that I offer to manage their property on Airbnb simple as that, well, not quite, you need to really hone it in more you define your offer more, and you need to position it in a way where it resonates exceptionally well with your ideal customer, your ideal property owner that you want to be working with. To give you an idea of what I mean, if you decide that you want to work in a niche of vacation home owners, you're going to need to position your offer slightly differently and maybe even adapt your service offering compared to if you're managing properties for property investors, real estate investors.

Now the vacation homeowners are going to care a lot about the quality of the guests in their property, the maintenance, the upkeep, where's the real estate investor is likely going to prioritize much more highly, you know, the overall returns of the property and minimal guests communication, minimal communication with you honestly minimal touch basis because they just want to be completely off of their plates. And so the first starting point is to have what I call an irresistible offer. This means you have to start by number one understanding exactly what it is that your clients pain points are your ideal client, what challenges they have, what problems they face, what solutions are they looking for.

From there, the second thing you need to do is just make sure you craft an offer that solves those really effectively. And as a total, no brainer for that property to work with you. Now if you want to actually go through some examples, and you want to see exactly what I mean more in depth, I've got a free training link down below, it's going to show you how to earn a full time income managing properties on Airbnb inside that train, it's completely free for you, you can just go ahead and click the link down below and then register on the page that comes up. We're actually going to break down exactly how to do this step by step I'm going to show you some examples of what exactly I mean. But once you've got that irresistible offer created.

Now the next thing you need key component number two is client attraction. You know, if you've got this really irresistible offer this offer that people are exceptionally drawn to, you need a consistent and dependable way to get it out in front of people so that people can actually hear about it and have the ability to then set up a proper meeting with you to actually discuss having you manage their property. So client attraction is one of those things that you want a few things out of it. Number one, you want to be consistent. You don't want to have all these big fluctuations and not be able to bring on clients when you want to and grow your business.

When you want to see you want consistency, you want to have control over it so you can turn the taps on when you want. And more than anything you ideally want to cost as little as possible. Now what's better than free if you can bring in clients for free if you can use organic attraction methods, I call them rather than having paid attraction methods like Facebook ads, Google ads, any type of paid advertising, then that's absolutely incredible. Imagine having an irresistible offer that property owners are exceptionally drawn to that you want to be working with.

And you have a consistent, dependable, predictable and three way of getting that offer out in front of people all the time. Now, as you can imagine your business would be able to grow very quickly. It'd be able to bring on subsidies. anshul number of properties in record time, so that your income could jump up, and so that you would have full control over your income. That's a really cool place to be in your business. So you have to have that really dialed in. Now the answer to this is we've got a few different methods of client attraction that I recommend that are both highly effective, highly consistent, predictable, you can easily control and they're absolutely free as well as a really great bonus. In fact, I actually recommend those far and above paid advertising and tend to work really, really well these free methods for growing this business.

The other beautiful thing about this business is that by growing it to even just five or 10 properties, you can get to a sizable five figure monthly income. So that's really cool. So with that being said, again, if you want more of a detailed breakdown exactly what those methods are, you want to really see the breakdown, you want to see exactly how you can do it. So you can go and actually take that and implement it yourself. There's only so much I can share in the short YouTube video here. So I recommend checking out the link in the description down below to check out the full detailed breakdown of exactly how to do that how to master client attraction, and use those three methods to bring on your first couple properties or your next couple of properties.

Now the third key once you've got this setup, imagine where you're at, just take a step back and think about where you would be at in your business, if you had an irresistible offer. And you had your client attraction really dialed in. So now you can consistently bring new property owners on under management with ease, you can predictably do that you've got new clients coming on. So now you've gotten to the point where your level of income is fantastic and fully within your control. That's a great place to be in business. But it's not where most of us strive to be as an end goal. We don't just want a substantial monthly income. That's great, you know, making 510 $15,000 a month is fantastic.

But what we oftentimes want more than anything I know I particularly did. So we want to have freedom, we want to have flexibility, we want to be able to control our own schedule, do what we want when we want and spend our time building whatever we want, doing whatever we want, rather than being chained to a desk rather than being chained to a job rather than being chained to our business as a lot of entrepreneurs end up.

And so naturally, the third key the third crucial component that you absolutely need to have in your business is automation and outsourcing. And what I mean by this is you need to have systems in place so that once you have these properties on board, the actual day to day management is taken care of without your daily inputs, meaning that properties can still produce incredible returns, the cleanings will get completed, the maintenance will get done, everything gets taken care of in the property, while you are not actually the one doing it. And so, in order to do this, there's a couple different ways that we can accomplish this goal.

There are software's that we can use their systems we can implement, there's just ways that we can set up our overall structure of our business so that things can happen seamlessly and smoothly and effectively without our inputs. Now doing this take some time, the whole idea of get rich quick, you know, have this all beautiful business setup overnight is just a pipe dream, from my experience. And in my opinion, however, that's not to say that it's not possible, after you actually put in the work to put those systems together, certainly you can set your business up, especially this type of business to run effectively without your inputs, if you take the time to put those systems in place initially.

So that's things like setting up software, so they can automatically send messages out to guests, when they're about to check in to give them their check instructions, software's that will automatically update and maximize your pricing strategy. You know, software's that will automatically schedule the different cleaning teams and notify them when they need to go by to a property, all these things exists, you need to make sure that you set them up, you need to make sure you have the right systems in place. But they absolutely can be done. The end result.

Now once you have all three of those key pieces in place, is that not only is your business growing consistently and achieving a high sustainable monthly income, but it's also doing so while giving you the freedom to go and spend your time the way that you want to, you're no longer chained to a job, you're no longer change your business, you have separation between your time and your money. And that's a beautiful place to be. That's where pretty much all entrepreneurs want to be is where we can really focus on providing high amounts of value to our clients, while making really great income while not needing to necessarily input a tremendous amount of our time every single day in order to make that money. So I'm not saying at all by any stretch of the imagination, this is easy to do or that takes it can be done overnight. It is absolutely simple. There's nothing overly complicated about it. And it absolutely can be done and it doesn't have to take a tremendous amount of time. But it's not something that can happen overnight.

So if you want to learn the exact strategies that actually work if you want to actually get to work building this and having this set up so that in a month, two months, three months, you can have your business running really effectively and have more control and more freedom over your time and the level of income that you earn, then I highly highly, highly recommend checking out the link down the description below, where we're going to go through our free training that walks you through the step by step process for exactly how to do all this if you want just more depth and more detail on the three keys I've discussed in this video, that free training in the link in the description below is going to be your ticket to getting all of that depth that you're looking for.

So other than that, if you wanted to stay up to date with all the new content, we post twice every single week about all things Airbnb and Airbnb management, then I highly recommend and encourage you to click that subscribe button so you can be subscribed to the channel and know when we post new videos twice every single week.

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